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BUZIAK Fervidus

male, DOB 2004-10-08
breeder: Malgorzata Lula, Poland
sire: Owsiany Obrok Polot
dam: I Am Fervidus Vigil

Jan 26th 2005. This day I stood at the airport with Marika Toivonen (kennel Marquee), waiting for the short-tailed chocolate PON-puppy Buziak Fervidus to arrive through the customs. He came from Warsaw by airplane. When he was released from the crate he immediately charmed us with his open and friendly and playful and wild temperament!
But unfortunately he didn't bring with him only joy - lots of worries, too, and plenty of tears have been shed aswell. The hooked tail was the smaller problem; the big problem was that the following day in veterinary check it appeared he has a strong bilateral heart murmur. The most probable cause is PDA (patent ductus arterior) or VSD (hole in the heart).

Some breeders would have had him put down right away. But in stead, Marika updated his vaccinations. ;-)
It is not in the two of us to put a puppy down just because he has a "fault" if he has a chance for a good life as a beloved pet. He deserves the chance - so we will take him to a cardiologist and after the final diagnosis he goes to heart surgery if necessary.

Million thanks to those of you who have encouraged us during this time of making difficult desicions - you have really opened your hearts to this wonderful puppy and his story!

Marika was wondering that there must be a bigger meaning in this all, but she can't see it yet. To me it was obvious: if just this particular puppy had not been sent to just us, then he would not have had the chance to stay alive.

On this site you can follow this little puppy's story. We hope this is just the beginning of it, and that once things clear up, he will find his own home where he is loved an charised.

Pentti has an appointment to see a cardiologist on thursday this week.

Feb 2. Yesterday evening I noticed that Pentti makes a whining or whistling sound when he breaths when he is resting or sleeping. This morning when out running and playing, he stopped to cough and gasp air three times. It doesn't look good and I am afraid of the examination results tomorrow. :-(

Feb 3. Sad day. Pentti's heart examination showed that he does NOT have PDA or VSD like previously suspected. In stead he has mitral valve disease. He has severe mitral valve dysplasia/malformation and mild trikuspidal valve dysplasia. The mitral valve is leaking badly resulting in blood flowing to wrong direction inside the heart; the trikuspidal valve is leaking mildly. The left atria is strongly dialated and the left ventricle is mildly dialated. This cannot be repaired. It will soon progress to arrythmias which may cause heart arrest, and despite medication he would reach final-state heart failure before he is grown up.

Tonight, we said goodbyes to Pentti. He fell asleep for forever, peacefully. It is amazing how he made such an impression on us all in just the few days he was with us. And not just Marika and me but everybody, all around. Thank You all of you, who have in spirit followed and supported us during this difficult time.

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