Our national SAR dogs' ruins trial and all IPO-R SAR dog trials include a part called 'dextrity'. In Dextrity the dog must, in good control, do certain obstacles.
Miklos has trained dextrity little by little, and does the obstacles pretty well as long as he is patient. But it is very difficult to do these obstacles patiently and carefully when the dog loooves agility!
Dextrity includes unsteady bridge, horizontal ladder, long jump, swing, tunnel, walking on unpleasant surfaces and long-distance direction.

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Unsteady bridge on two small barrels moves forward and back when the dog jumps on it.


Tunnel is Miklos' favorite number 1! When he clears the ladders fine, the as a reward he gets to go into the tunnel. Sometimes he is in such a rush to do the tunnel that he nearly misses the hole where to go in it! When coming out of the tunnel the dog needs to lie down immediately.

The horizontal ladder has been our biggest challenge. Miklos is very awkward and clumsy dog, who bearly knows where his front feet are, and has simply no idea what his rear feet do... I calculated that he did the ladder over 100 times, with the help of two people: one person helped to move his front feet from one ladder to the next one, while the other person held up his rear and moved his hind feet from a ladder to the next one. (Without help Miklos would just lift his rear foot up in the air and put it down ANYWHERE, which always resulted in him falling down between the ladders.) Yet he fell down again and again, maybe up to 300 times... But NEVER he said he was hurt and ALWAYS he climbed back up with great enthusiasm!
After about 120 exercises, we no longer helped him, and he started making it to the of the ladders without falling down more often than falling down in the middle. :-)
By autumn 2005 we must had done the ladders well over 200 times already.

Winter pictures by: Jan Alhstedt, Perhemediat, Suomen suosituimmat koirarodut

In long distance exercise there are three tables (or similar) set up in a triangle about 40 metres away from the handler. The handler stands still and directs the dog to run and jump on each table, in an order decided by the judge. Miklos has all by himself come up with the idea to lie down on each table.
And of course we always test all other kinds of obstacles aswell :-)