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C.I.B. Fi & Ee & LV Ch
Bratsiostra Pon
Murdock Diesel

male born 07.01.2008
sire Tomasz Avec Dorianblue
dam Ch Pigwa ze Spiewogry
br. Ruud v/d Berg & Katisha v/d Berg-Atashova
ow. Majka Borgström &  Maiju Mikkonen

Diesel was returned to his breeders when he was 1 year old. He was a very active dog who wanted to do something all the time. It sounds like a potential working dog, so we visited kennel Bratsiostra in Netherlands in May 2009. We liked what we saw, and so Diesel moved to Finland via Sweden in the beginning of July 2009. On the way he participated in the Swedish PON Club's 20-years anniversary show with great success.
Diesel has a level bite. Diesel has a naturally short tail, a perfect tail :-) (no tail hook or nick). Diesel is a very active dog and simple pet dog life is not enough for him: he needs to work. In Finland Diesel has started his SAR-dog studies. You can follow his trainings and every-day life in his own blog:
Diesel's Blog
Diesel has been castrated for health reasons.

Health examinations:
Eyes: healthy
Thyroid: T4/TSH healthy, TgAa-neg (2009, 2010)

Show & trial results:
BH (Begleithundprüfung)
RH-TE (IPO-R Suitability test)
Mental Test +143 pts gunshot confident
Obedience Trial: Classes 1 and 2, 1st prize
International Champion
Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Latvian Champion
  9 x CAC (Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia)
3 x BOB, 4 x BOO
  6 x CACIB, 2 x re-CACIB

Swedish PON Club Show 2009:
4th best male, best young dog
Finnish Breed Specialty 2009:
5th best male, best young dog
Finnish PON Club Show 2011:
4th best male, Best Head

Mental test
Capability to function +1 moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +2 big without remaining will to attack
Will to defence action +3 moderate controlled
Will to fight +2 moderate
Nerve structure +1 a little restless
Temperament +1 very vivid
Mental hardness +1 a little soft
Approachability +3 friendly, approachable, open
Reaction to gun shots +++ confident
Total +143 pts.

"Clean in lines, well balanced dog, very good angulations both ends, good reach of neck, excellent shaped head, nose big enough, good ears, very good coat condition and structure, excellent filled body, very nice movements from side, type and general impression excellent."
- Andrzej Stepinski, Poland

"Very sound dog in excellent working condition, strong head & enough stop, excellent topline, croup & tailset, good shoulder & upper arm, well developed chest, good harsh coat, slightly weavy, low hocks, sound movement, good sound working dog and does not need to attract with extra glamour."
- Miroslaw Redlicki, Poland

- Will you have me? Diesel & Majka meeting for the first time May 2009 in Netherlands.

Photos: Maiju & Roxy Mikkonen, Majka Borgström.