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"Jepson"  Mizarek MAZURKA
1994-01-24   -   1995-01-25
ow. Majka Borgström


Int & Fin & Est & Ltu Ch EuW-91 EstW-95-00 LtuW-99 Totemin Jessica
bitch 1989-07-28   -   2001-01-21
ow. Majka Borgström & Tiina Mäki

"Jeica" Flinkbein Faworyt
bitch 1994-12-03   -   2001-05-09
ow. Majka Borgström

Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97

Borgåkers Lady Legenda

bitch 1995-06-06   -   2006-03-24
ow. Majka Borgström

"Nio" Int & Fin & Est & Ltu Ch LtuW-03 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna
bitch 11.3.2001  -  8.8.2007
ow. Tiina Mäki & Majka Borgström
Jepson was Majka's first own dog. Just as precious and special as only one's first own dog can be. She taught me to survive. She knew my thoughts, I didn't have to tell them to her. Jepson got ill during a distemper epidemy that raged in Finland. She went uphill and downhill during the progression of the illness. Finally we had to admit it was a lost battle. In the age of only one year and a day, Jepson got to sleep away.

Jessica was born in the first PON litter in Finland. She is remembered by many, many, for her outstanding beauty and peculiar mind.  To witness her beauty we may mention she was the Best Show PON of the year in 1991 & 1993, and still in the age of 9 years, in 1998, she was the Best Show PON Bitch of the year. In 2000 Jessie visited the breed's country of origin, Poland, in European Winner Show; she went BOO Veteran. But most of all, to everyone that knew her, she was a true PON, with peculiar sense of humour and a mind of her own, and in top condition to the end. She was 11,5 years old when we had to let her pass away after a severe status epilepticus seizure. Always charished in memories by Tiina and Majka.

Jeica was Once In A Lifetime Dog. She was insecure and reserved, not an easy one. But aren't the most troublesome ones often also the ones most dear to us? Together we went to Obedience Trials and overcame not only ourselves but often also the other competitors. On her own Jeica was very shy, but once her mistress laid her hand on her neck she could face anything and anyone; it was all well. Her loyalty to her mistress came before everything else and was her way to survive the world.
A Soulmate
. Maybe that is the reason nothing has ever hurt as bad as loosing it. When her body broke up, when arthrosis took its toll. And then her heart gave up. And she no longer wanted to go out at all. Faithful to the end, she got to fall asleep for forever in my arms.

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