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Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers LADY LEGENDA

bitch born 1995-06-06
sire Int & Fin & Est Ch Jegomosc z Wielgowa
dam Fin Ch Prosna Skierdy
breeder Majka Borgström
owner Majka Borgström

The Smiling One

I had a lot of expectations for this sweet little girl who showed the familiar PON smile to everybody already when she was 8 weeks old: I wished she would become my future brood bitch, a milestone of my breeding. But it doesn't always end up the way you wish: Jes-Tas had epilepsy by the age of 2 years and could not be used in breeding. In stead, she got to be a nanny for other dogs' puppies. For this she suited very well. She is a very good companion in general; she likes to be patted and scratched and sit next to you on the coach. Jes-Tas has twice received an award for Best Character in the Club Show. Jes-Tas has one annoying feature and it is that she is a very noisy dog. Loud and noisy! She gets very excited very easily and you can all hear it! ;-) In her older days she has even developed difficult separation anxiety.
When Jes-Tas was younger she was shown in conformation quite a lot, and with very nice success. She easily gained the title of International Champion.
After we got enough of show business, I concentrated in doing obedience with her.
Nowadays Jes-Tas mainly concentrates in simply beeing, though we do train obedience at times, just for fun.
Jes-Tas seems to be specialized in frightening us and in miracle healings. First (and repetedly) with her epilepsy. Then in 2002 she showed insuffiency in heart - this was treated with simple carnitine and in May 2005 she was examined to be totally healthy in heart!! What a miracle. In september 2004 she developed what looked like a rapidly growing tumour in the mouth and we were preparing for the worst. But after two months, half of the tumour literally dropped off and the other half got smaller and smaller until the mouth was completely normal again. Pheew! What a miracle - it seems it never was a tumour at all, rather a consequence from picking a toad (slightly poisonous frog) in her mouth in august!!
Jes-Tas has a soul of a hunting dog. She is very good at scenting birds hiding in the bushes and eagerly chases them off to fly. She may run a long time around and around, watching the bird fly in the sky - like waiting for someone to shoot it down.  Many times, she has run off (without permission!) into a forest and after some minutes returned with a bird in her mouth - and she is of course so proud of it!! She is also very good at chasing rabbits and hares. She doesn't even need the actual rabbit, a moderately fresh rabbit track will do and give her lots of fun tracking down the rabbit and then chasing it...
Besides birds and rabbits, Jes-Tas is interested in mice, squirrels, and every little rock or piece of wood which reminds a mouse or a bird... And she happily picks up every single hedgehog in her mouth, big or small, more or less stingy, it doesn't matter!
And of course a regular cat chase is always enjoyable, too...

June 2005 Jes-Tas had 10 years anniversary and had a big party with lots of PON friends visiting. Above you can see a picture of Jes-Tas with her birthday presents (some of them already eaten up). More pictures here! At the same time we updated our kennel logo which now, of course, is a picture of Jes-Tas. You can see the logo at top left corner of this page.

January 2006
, Jes-Tas' lungs filled with fluids due to heart failure. Diuretics helped the situation but as we believe, only temporarily. Jan 21st 2006 Jes-Tas entered a dog show for the last time of her life, in Turku International show. To make a perfect conclusion for her show carrieer, she went BOB Veteran! In the breed ring she was presented by a 10-year-old girl Roxy (younger than Jes-Tas) who now made her debut as a handler in a showring. Great start for Roxy and a great finishing for Jes-Tas! Pictures at the bottom of this page.

March 24th 2006, Jes-Tas went to Heaven. She showed difficulties in lying down, to the point where she tossed and turned several times before laying down in front. When she was palpated the pain was located around liver. Leaving the home for the last time, she took a nylonbone with her, and watched over it to the very end - she slept away with the bone between her paws.

Show & Trial Results

Mental Test qualified, non-sensitive to gun shots +127 pts.
International Champion
Finnish, Latvian and Estonian Champion
Baltic Winner 1997
Multiple CAC,CACIB, multiple BOB & BOO wins,
multiple BOB & BOO Veteran wins
PON Club Show 1996, Best character
PON Club Show 1997, BIS7
PON Club Show 1998, BIS4
PON Club Show 1999, BIS5, Best bobtail
PON Club Show 2000, Best character
PON Club Show 2005, BIS1 Veteran
Obedience Trials 2 x Novice1, 2 x Open1
Club Obedience Championships 1998, 2nd
Club Obedience Championships 2000, 2nd
Club Obedience Championships 2001, 3rd, Best Co-operation
Club Obedience Championships 2002, 3rd
Club Obedience Championships 2003, 3rd
Club Obedience Championships 2004, 2nd
Best Obedience Trial PON 2001 & 2002
3rd Best Obedience Trial PON 2000
3rd Best Obedience Trial PON 2003

HD C, Elbows 0,
Knees 0, Eyes healthy,
Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism

10-year-old girls Jes-Tas and Roxy in the breed ring.

Last time in Ring of Honour, Turku International Show in january 2006.

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