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Special ones
Fin Ch

bitch born 2004-02-25
sire: Ch Nathan vd Widderburg
dam: S & N Ch NordJW-03 Ynnizin's Fly On The Wings Of Love
breeder: Merja Björklund, Sweden
owners: Tiina & Jari Mäki

Spring 2004 Tiina and Jari hoped to get NIO's daughter as a second dog in their family. But in stead, Nio only had one male puppy. However, Nio's sister Love had only a week earlier given birth to a bigger litter, and there was one bitch puppy available. So later in the spring Tiina and Jari
drove up to Merja in Sweden and brought home LILI. Nio and her niece Lili soon became best friends.

Lili is a really lively girl, full of energy and all the time in a hurry to go somewhere and do something. Lili is really talented in Search training, both at ruins and in a forest she finds the "victims" without any problems, quickly and surely. She seems to be specialized in finding also other people than the ones we have hidden for her - she has located and alarmed loudly among others: elk hunters in a forest, a person walking policedogs in a dark forest etc. So we can expect simply anything from this dog!!

Summer 2006 Lili was entered in dog shows and got CACs in three shows in a row and so she easily obtained the title of Finnish Champion.

Show results:
Finnish Champion 
3 x CAC, 1 x re-CAC
5 x Exc, BOO, BOB

Thyroid: healthy:
- T4/TSH healthy (2005 & 2006)
- TgAa-neg (2006)
Eyes: healthy
Knees: healthy 0/0
HD: A, Elbows: 0