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May 25th 2012 - One bitch puppy still looking for her loving family

The puppies are 7 weeks old today and ready to move to their new homes soons. They have been a delight! It is very interesting to follow their development day by day. They are their own little personalities already: you can see the different charasteristics of each puppy grow stronger every day. Their own website will be here: Q litter.

Due to cancellation we have bitch puppy available. She is looking for a home interested in the breed and possibly showing.

This bitch puppy is looking for her own home

This bitch puppy is looking for her own home

"Tämä on pikkukoira Pöpönen" - a children's book of a PON puppy called The Mop
The book tells about the first year of a little PON puppy called The Mop. The book is only available in Finnish at the moment.

May 16th 2012 - Paternity test results are in

As Kerttu's puppies were born out of a dual-sire mating (double the romance, lucky girl!) we had to collect dna samples for paternity tests before being able to register the litter. The local vet came to our home to take the samples and this is how it looked like:

The puppies were very calm and co-operative when taking the samples. Today we got the results which confirm that all the four puppies are sired by Ch Dumboss Astar.

May 12th 2012 - Junek in an Obedience Trial

Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek" was entered in an official obedience trial hanled by his mistress Suvi Rajala. They got 120.5 pts and a 3rd prize result in Novice Class. :-)

Full 10 points for on-leash heeling!

April 15th 2012 - Junek takes Tallinn Winner 2012 title and Best of Breed in Estonia

Junek charmed the judge with kisses!

Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"
BOB CAC CACIB TallinnWinner-2012

Congratulations and many thanks to Maiju for showing him in Tallinn, Estonia!

April 6th 2012 – Kerttu's puppies are born!

Kerttu went in labour at 5 am. She gave birth to 2 males and 2 bitches. Kerttu did everything by herself, it was like looking at a nature document. :-)

A couple of hours old puppies: girl, boy, boy, girl

March 31st 2012 - Finnish PON Club awarded the best PON of year 2011

The Finnish PON Club awarded the most succesful PONs in 2011. I was especially happy to hear these two results:

2nd Best Show Male 2011
DKW-11 NOW-11 NordicW-11 EeW-10, EeJW-10, JWW-10 FiJW-09, NordicJW-09, NordicW-09

Borgakers VeeA’s Bouncy Ball ”Pomppu”

Best Working PON 2011
C.I.B. & FI & SE & EE & LV CH BH RH-TE
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

Borgakers VeeA’s Bouncy Ball ”Pomppu” was also awarded as The Best Show Dog (all breeds) in a regional dog club in Keuruu for second year in a row!

Huge congratulations to Raili and Heimo for their great success with Pomppu and also VeeA, who was in shared 1st place in competition for best show PON bitch 2011!

March 31st 2012 - PON Club Show

This time our dogs stayed at home except for Junek:

3rd place in intermediate class:
Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia ”Junek”

March 25th 2011 – Obedience trial with Diesel

Diesel spent 11 days in a dog hotel while the mistress was travelling. After that there were just 2 days to remind him about all the things he needs to know and remember in an obedience trial. This was our second time in Class 2. Luckily it went moderately well - we got a 1st prize result which means we can move on to Class 3! But that will wait for now - we have already gotten better success than I ever estimated! And we started going to Obedience trials just for fun and to have some motivation to practise!

See the video here!

March 3rd 2011 – Obedience trial with Diesel
We moved on to Class 2 just 3 weeks from passing Class 1. It was not quite enough time to teach Diesel the new exercises so we really are not ready for Class 2 yet.
We got a second prize result
with 153 pts (1st prize result of minimun of 160 pts is needed to move on to next class). However, I am quite satisfied as we got many high grades like 10 and 9.5! :-)
The exercises that are still "in progress" or new were the ones that were performed weakest in the trial - logically. I have already entered to the next trial which is just 3 weeks away - but the problem is that we go to an FRF training camp next week and after that I travel to Europe - and after returning home there are just 2 days time to practise with Diesel before the trial... Not the greatest plan!

Jan 14-15th 2012 – Pomppu in two dog shows in Tarto, Estonia
Great success for Pomppu once again! He was BOB both days and also Group 3! He got new titles: Estonian and Baltic Champion.

DKW-11 NOW-11 NordicW-11 EeW-10, EeJW-10, JWW-10 FinJW-09, NordicJW-09, NordicW-09
FI, SE, NO, DK, Nordic, LV, LT, EE, BALT Ch, C.I.B.
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
ow. Raili Salokagas & Heimo Hokkanen

February 6th 2012 - We are hoping to have puppies in the spring!

We are hoping to have a litter of PON puppies in the spring. Kerttu has been mated with two very nice males. See more in the Puppies page.

February 5th 2012 - Obedience Trials with Diesel

Diesel was entered in his first ever official obedience trial. It went very well but what a pity that he did the jump over an obstacle without permission and we got 0 points for it. Otherwise we would been ranked among three best in the class.

Approachability 10
Down stay 2 minutes 10

Heeling on-leash 9
Heeling off-leash 9½
Down-stay from heeling 9½
Recall 9
Stand-stay from heeling 9½
Jump 0
Overall impression 9
Total 170 pts, 1st prize result

January 21st 2012 - Turku Int dog show
18 PONs judged by Mr Andrzej Stepinski from Poland

BOB, CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Now Kerttu is staying with us and we are waiting for her heat to start. We will do a dual sire mating.

Photos: Christian Fuhrer

Dec 10th 2011 - Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm

BOB Nordic Winner 2011 CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
and BOO Nordic Winner 2011 mother VeeA

Huge congratulations to owners Raili and Heme for great success in all Scandinavian Winner shows this year! VeeA got winner title from all these shows: she is Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Scandinavian Winner 2011.
Her son Pomppu got winner titles in Norway, Denmark and Scandinavian winner shows!

Dec 4th 2011 - Finnish Winner show 2011

re-CACIB re-CAC and 3rd best male Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"

4th best male Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Well done boys!!

Miklos doing PR for SAR dogs in the show.

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