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December 27th 2005 - Im memoriam Paqo
Borgåkers Lord Lumbago in the age of 10.5 years old is deeply missed, our condolences go to Päivi-Tanja and the rest of the family - thank you for taking such good care of Paqo until the end!

Dec 17-18th - TWO WINNER SHOWS, two winner titles to us!

Dec 17th Finland's Winner 2005 Show:
Boys' day, BOB and Winner titles to dad & son!

Best Of Breed & CACIB & WINNER 2005:

JuniorWinner 2005, according to his name, Zamy's son:
Jagoda's Delegat Zamy

CAC males:

Zamy's vet certificate about the teeth arrived by express mail before the show. :-)
In males' juniorclass his son got also 2nd place: vg2 Jagoda's Dzielny Zaz. In bitches' juniorclass classwinner was his daughter: vg1 Marquee Itsy-Pitsy. Also in juniorclass vg3 Ruta ze Spiewogry,
and in veteran class Exc2 Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda "Jes-Tas".

Dec 18th Nordic Winner 2005 Show:

Girls' day (all became class winners), Winner title + twice BOS!

Best of Opposite Sex & CACIB & NORDIC WINNER 2005:


CAC males:

Intermediate class Exc1 Ruta ze Spiewogry.
Championclass Exc4 Zamy, and his kids did very well again: males juniorclass vg2 Jagoda's Dzielny Zaz, vg3 Jagodas Delegat Zamy. Bitches juniorclass Zamy's dauhgters: classwinner vg1 Marquee Itsy-Pitsy, vg2 Jagoda's D'ode Aan Luci, vg3 Marquee Icky-Poo.

CONGRATULATIONS to all kids for fine placements, especially to "Onni" and his folks for the JuniorWinner title; and to "Maria" and Nadja for class win on both days!
CONGRATULATIONS to Vuokko and Piki for CAC on both days!

THANK YOU to all of you who helped me in getting the dogs into the fair centre, showing them and otherwise helping on the ringside; especially Kirsi and Melina!

December 10th - Zamy returns home via Stockholm show
"Zamy" Fin & S & N Ch EuJW-03 NW-05 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite returned home after spending 3 months with his breeder Merja in Sweden. His last show abroad this autumn was the Swedish Winner show in Stockholm. Unfortunately his vet certificate about the lost teeth was left in the ring in previous show in Norway. The judge placed him as 3rd best male, explaining
three times that the reason for the placement was the missing vet certificate. Oh well, the best thing was that we got him home again. :-) Million thanks to Merja for taking excellent care of Zamy and showing him!
Zamy got many new fans while in Sweden; they wanted to keep him and offered many things in exchange: puppies, his sister Vanilla, and one person from Norway liked Zamy so much that she wanted to change him to a car!
Talking about cars, we had some exciting moments on our journey... on the way towards Sweden, when we drove into the ferry, some smoke and a strong smell of oil suddenly rose from the front of the car... causing a mostly sleepless night, thinking how to manage to the show place and back to Finland again. Luckily in the morning some men found there was a loose screw and after tightening it up everything worked well again! Pheew!

December 5-6th - Puppies expected
Borgåkers Nóbl Nizinia has been mated to S & N Ch Storälvens Callisto, who was brought to Finland from Sweden for a while by kennels Borgåkers & Marquee.
More information on the website: Puppies!

November 23rd - Puppies
A litter is born in Sweden, sired by our Zamy. More information on the puppy site!

November 23rd - Miklos the HugDog appears on national TV

November 19th - Double success abroad

Winner 2005 Show in Norway: CACIB, BOO, Norwegian Winner-05
"Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin & N & S Ch (Nordic Ch) Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
Congratulations and thank you Merja for showing Zamy!

International Show in Latvia: CACIB, CAC, BOO
"Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
Congratulations Vuokko and Piki!

Well done boys :-)

November 13-14 - Daddy & kids in shows

Sweden, Ljungbyhed 13 PONs entered:
"Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin & N & S Ch (Nordic Ch) Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite 2nd best male.
BOB & BOO in puppies and in adults went to Zamy's nieces and nephews, congratulations!

Helsinki puppy show, 2 of Zamy's progeny was entered:
BOB-Puppy Marquee Icky-Poo "Minttu"
BOO-Puppy Marquee Itch-And-Rub "Pate"

October 23rd - SSKY Breed Specialty
I traveled to the show alone with 4 bitches as Nio & Lili's mistress Tiina had a caught a cold. Thank You everybody who helped me with organizing and showing the dogs! This time it was the youngest ones that were most successfull in Mrs Ewa Buklad's ring:
re-CAC 4th best male:
"Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
re-CAC 4th best bitch: "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry
Exc2 "Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda
Exc2 "Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight
Int & Fin & Lt & Est Ch LtuW-03 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna

CONGRATULATIONS Piki (above) and JIDA (above)!!

Many congratulations to Zamy's kids,
their owners and breeders for success in puppy class:
BOB Puppy Jagoda's Dzielny Zaz "Max", also among 6 Best Puppies in Show!!
BOO Puppy Marquee Icky-Poo "Minttu"
2nd Best Bitch Puppy Marquee Itsy-Pitsy "Maria"

Max, Minttu and Maria, WELL DONE!

October 22nd - Miklos passes B-Test at ruins
This time around, Majka owed Miklos to not to screw up the whole thing... And Miklos worked extremely well and so we passed the test with final grade "Very good"! With this result, Miklos fulfils the requirements set for emergency SAR dogs by the city of Helsinki. :-)

October 19th - News from Sweden
"Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin & N & S Ch (Nordic Ch) Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite is staying in Sweden by his breeder this autumn. Zamy is available for breeding and has already met a new girlfriend, and puppies are expected to be born in the end of November. More information here.

October 8th - SAR (Search And Rescue) Dogs' Terrain Search Trial
Miklos participated in a wilderness/terrain search trial for the first time. Our goal was to pass this trial in autumn 2006. It is a very demanding trial, with 30.000 m2 to search! The time limit is 30 minutes, and 2-3 "missing persons" in the area. It is a rather tough trial, physically and mentally, for the dog. What a huge surprise it was, that WE PASSED IT! And with the final grade "Excellent" it was so much more than I had expected, that I think I must have been smiling all through the next night, even in my dreams. :-) Read about it here.

New English sites:
Miklos does Dextrity
Miklos searches people in buildings

October 6th - NIO's International Champion title confirmed by the FCI

September 25th - SAR (Search And Rescue) Dog Show
Miklos & Majka participated in a SAR Dog show with 3 other dogs. Five times during the day the dogs performed obedience, searching objects (picture on the right, Miklos returning me a plastic bottle he found), alarming a found "victim" by barking with the help of a volunteer from the audience (picture on the left), and searching a missing person in woods. To my pleasure Miklos worked moderately well in all shows and all roles, and concentrated quite well in doing his job even when surrounded by lots of people. Of course he had to show off a little, too, just to make the audience laugh. .-)

September 25th - Zamy wins in Sweden
BOB, CAC, BIS-7: "Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin&N Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
Now also Swedish & Nordic Champion!
This was a national group show in Rimbo, Sweden. In the final BIS-ring Zamy had gone nuts about an Old English Sheepdog bitch in heat, so he only galloped after her. And so the judge said, that Zamy would have been his number one, but....  
But we are satisfied and want to congratulate Zamy's breeder Merja Björklund! THANK YOU Merja.

September 18th - Show in Hyvinkää
Majka was back on feet again :-D and we had a very good day in this show
BOB + CAC: "Misiek" Raptus ze Spiewogry
BOB-Veteran + 2nd BestBitch: "Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda
CAC, 3rd BestBitch: "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry

The judge, according to her own words, fell in love with Misiek. :-) She especially admired his coat of not only excellent texture but also length which is beautiful to look at. Many thanks to Saija Lepistö for taking such good care of Misiek!

September 17th - PON Club's Obedience & Agility Trial championships
Jes-Tas was entered to obedience and Miklos to obedience and agility, but sometimes things don't go as you plan! This was the first time in almost 10 years that we were not able to participate - Majka had a sudden health problem and had to go to hospital for some time. :-(
But there was one Borgåkers dog who did participate, namely
"Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee and his owner Vuokko Koskinen who did excellent job! They came second in the beginners' class with just 1 point behind the winner. They even got a special prize for Best Co-operation between dog & handler!! Well done Vuokko & Piki, this was the first time a beginner dog got this special prize over the experienced ones! Piki's mom NIO is especially proud of her son, Nio has received the prize twice before. :-) Piki & Vuokko even participated in novice agility, achieving 3rd place.
Below you can see the excellent contact presented by Vuokko and Piki. (Thank You Taina Vartiala for the pictures)

September 17th - Zamy's children in a puppy show
Some puppies from kennel Marquee were entered in a puppy show, and with a very nice success!
BOB Puppy Marquee Icky-Poo,
2nd Best Bitch Puppy Marquee Inky-Dinky
BOO Puppy Marquee Itch-And-Rub,
BIS4 Brace Marquee Itch-And-Rub & Inky Dinky

Congratulations for the owners of the puppies and the breeder Marika!

September 11th - All breed show in Porvoo
CAC, 2nd best male
: "Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
Congratulations Piki & Vuokko for one more CAC!

September 10th - International show in Orre, Norway
BOB, CAC, CACIB, Norwegian Champion:
"Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
We drove over 3000 kilometers to the south coast of Norway, and back. When driving towards Orre, late in evening, in complete darkness we were driving a long way on a small tiny road that was not even numbered on the map, with just one tiny lane for cars going both ways. And sheep loose in the area... and sheep on the road, in darkness. If that isn't extreme sports, I don't know what is!
On the way back home there was a traffic jam in the highway due to accident, and then we missed the turn to the harbour and when we finally got to the ferry in Stockholm, they didn't accept us aboard anymore... so on we drove, late in the evening, to the next harbour outside town where there would go another ferry early in the morning. Finally, after lots of driving we found a hotel that had a spare room; and finally after an extra night in Sweden, we got on a ferry to and back to Finland. It was a long long journey but well worth it! Lots of funny situations and scary moments; and did you know that Hitchcock's Psycho lives in Kapellskär in Sweden? We saw the house in the middle of a dark forest at night, light in one window and the silhuette of a person standing there watching out - and you can be sure we got quickly out of there!
Many thanks to Marika and new Norwegian champions Marquee Hooper-Dooper & the smooth collies for the company!

August 27th - All-breed show in Kouvola
Jes-Tas, 10 years old, surprised us by winning Best of Breed over all younger participants. :-)
BOB, BOB-Veteran:
"Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda
re-CAC, 3rd best bitch: "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry

August 24-25th - Radio & TV
On wednesday Majka appeared in live sending on national radio, talking about HugDogs with a person from Finnish Kennel Club, and answering listeners' questions. On thursday Majka & Miklos were seen on TV twice during the day, as a film crew followed us to a visit at an elderly home a week before.

August 21st - Int show in Hämeenlinna
CAC, re-CACIB: "Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

August 20th - PON CLUB SHOW 2005
A Million thanks to my team and my friends, Make, Tiina & Jari, and Katja - Thanks to you, I always had the right dog at the right time, in the ring!
59 PONs were entered in this show, judged by Mrs Annemarie Thomassen from Sweden.
Our youthful girls Jida and Jes-Tas made the day. :-)

Best In Show 4, Best Bitch/BOO in the BIS competition:

"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry

Best In Show 1 -veteran:

"Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda

Best In Show 7:
"Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
7th Best Male: "Misiek" Raptus ze Spiewogry
9th Best Male:
"Zamy" EuJV-03 Fin Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
10th Best Bitch:
Fin & Lt & Est Ch LtuV-03 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna
BOO Tourist: Multi Ch, Multi Winner Borgåkers Lord Londyn
3rd Best Tourist:
"Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry BH, PERA-A

CONGRATULATIONS for Zamy's children
for the magnificent success among 17 PUPPIES!

BIS-2 Marquee Icky-Poo
BIS-5 Jagodas Dzielny Zaz
BIS-6 Marquee Itch-And-Rub
BIS-7 Jagodas Delegat Zamy

** P

August 19th - Nice results again
New health examination results:
"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry (HD and ED)
"Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight (HD and ED)

13.8.2005 show in Aura:

CAC, 2nd best male "Piki" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

August 6-7th - Show weekend

6.8.2005 int show Joensuu:

CACIB, CAC, 2nd best male "Piki" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

7.8.2005 Joensuu:

re-CAC "Piki" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

7.8.2005 Helsinki it was our 13-month old siblings' day:

BOB + CAC "Misiek" Raptus ze Spiewogry
BOO + CAC "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry

CONGRATULATIONS to Piki & Vuokko for first CACIB & second CAC! To Misiek and Saija for first CAC! To Jida and Katja for third BOO & CAC!
AND MANY CONGRATULATIONS for Zamy's kids who started their show carrieer in Helsinki Puppy Show, where his daughter "Minttu" Marquee Icky-Poo went BOB & GROUP 4 Puppy! Way to go Minttu and owner-breeder Marika! :-)

August 2nd - Health examinations
We took some hairy fellows to health examinations, you can see the results on their owen sites:
"Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry (eyes)
"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry (eyes and knees)
"Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight (eyes and knees)

Summer memories...

PON Camp gathered together lots of PON enthusiasts from around
Finland. A playful competition with several different tasks (such as
the dog fetching a sausage, Survival track etc) kept us all busy
and gave us lots and lots of good laughs; in the end our grand old lady
Jes-Tas was crowned as the winner while youngster Piki got bronze. :-)
We thank everybody for such a nice weekend!

Zamy's son Pate "switched off" after weekend at the camp.
The gallery of Zamy's kids has been updated.

Miklos had torn a muscle in his front foot and had to stay at home
and rest while others had fun at the camp. Since then he has recovered
nicely and now builds up his muscles again, here swimming upstream
for almost 1 km in a river nearby. Yes, the small dark spot on
the picture is Miklos. :-)

July 4th - PUPPIES expected!
We already spent last Christmas and New Year mating dogs, so why would Midsummer be any different? We had been planning and arranging a sperm delivery from Poland for some time already - for a fellow breeder and her bitch. At the eve of delivery it turned out that the best mating day for the bitch was already past in a week. Is this destiny or what: We just happened to have at the time at home a suitable bitch well in heat... It did not take long to make the decision. :-)
More details here!

June 26th - Health examination results
"Mimmi" Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska
"Nio" Ynnizin's Neon Madonna
These girls are already examined to be TgAa-negative, now they are also examined to be T4/TSH healthy - and these results show they are healthy and have no hypothyroidism. :-)

June 11-12th - Miklos participates in a SAR-dog test! :-)
After several nights filled with dreams about this test, the day was finally here. Our first official SAR (Search And Rescue dog) test! I was quite nervous, not being able to train properly before the test because of Miklos' injury (he has stiches in his front foot). It was a national Ruins test for SAR Dogs, level A. This test has three parts: Obedience, SAR-Agility, Ruins. You have to first pass both Obedience and SAR-Agility to be able to go to the test at ruins. The obedience was the one I was most nervous about. But Miklos made my day, we passed the Obedience with final result "very good"! Actually, we were the only ones who got "Excellent" in heeling! We also passed the SAR-Agility with the final result "very good"! (4 excellents out of seven!) In the ruins Miklos worked very well. He found the "victims" well and barked well. The problem was that he did not want to leave the victim even for the short time it took for the victim to come up from the hiding place. ;-) The final result of the whole test was qualified with result "very good" - I couldn't be happier about it! :-) Way to go Miklos! He sure earned his 3 liqorice bars (one per each passed part of the test, as I promised!).

June 11th Pieksämäki all-breed show:
BOB (Best of Breed) + CAC
"Mimmi" Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska
June 12th Porvoo show for FCI groups 1 & 3:
3rd Best Male + re-CAC
"Piki" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
"Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda
G "Lempi" Borgåkers Nóbl Nizinia

June 7th - Jes-Tas says Thank You!
"Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda turned 10 years old yesterday and had her Birthday Reception in the evening. Many thanks to all the guests and others who send their regards to Jes-Tas. As you can see she looks a bit overwhelmed with all the gifts she got - and like a puppy rather than 10 years old! See more pictures here.

10 years old
today: Borgåkers Lady Legenda, Lord Londyn & Lord Lumbago
2 years old today: Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska & Nóbl Nizinia
3 years old tomorrow: Miklos (Oktet ze Spiegowry)
13 years old on friday: Borgåkers Korint

June 4th - Oldest and youngest Borgåkers girls show together
Rauma Show (Finland) 2005-04-06
BOO, BOB-veteran
"Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Lv & Est Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda
2nd Best Bitch, CAC "Lempi" Borgåkers Nóbl Nizinia

On the eve of her 10th birthday Jes-Tas was entered in a showring after many years' break! She was so excited about it and succeeded very nicely as well! Congratulations to Lempi for her 2nd CAC! :-)

June 3rd - Men don't cry

Miklos and his fellow Search & Rescue Dog Students visited another ruins track for the first time. Miklos faced the most demanding training session so far, he worked hard and well and a long time. When he smells a "victim" he is in a big hurry to locate the person. Such a big hurry that he just climbs and jumps on and does not look what is in front of him and so he comes crashing down the ruins - head first, rear first, up-side-down, on his side... And yet he climbs up again and again until he reaches his goal! Not ONCE did he say he had hurt himself. It was only in the afternoon the following day that I noticed him hold up one front foot every now and then and lick it quickly. RIGHT, the pad up in the wrist had been cut in two, deeply, still bleeding and so a vet stiched it up late in the evening, 24 h after it happened - I still wonder why Miklos didn't show he was hurt?

May 21st & 22nd - another two shows with nice success

Hamina Finland International Show 2005-05-21:

Exc1, re-CACIB, 3rd best male "Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
A chocolate brown PON bitch from kennel Marquee was travelling with us; "AINO" JW-04 Marquee Hooper-Dooper, she got a very very nice result indeed, going Best Bitch BOO with CAC + CACIB, way to go Aino!! For some reason Aino decided to suprise Majka in the ring and started her performance with sitting down and "shaking hands"... Maybe she thought she would introduce herself first??

Helsinki Finland International Show 2005-05-22:
"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry
This was an international show and the judge wanted to give CACIB to Jida but of course this was not possible because Jida is too young - she is just 10 months old! :-)

May 19th - Miklos saves his friend
Jes-Tas has epileptic seizures very seldom, but is prone to prolonged seizures and clusters; and I think they would go on for a long long time (perhaps forever) unless she was given liquid diazepam rectally immediately when the seizure begins. For over 7 years now, I have often woken up at night when I hear dog's claws tap against the floor in a certain way; I listen for a while - is it a seizure? - and then fall asleep again when I hear that everything is ok.
Last night, Jes-Tas had a seizure (first one this year :-)) and I DIDN'T WAKE UP!! That has never happened before. What did Miklos do? He lied down next to Jes-Tas and started barking. He knows it is absolutely not allowed to bark indoors. He barked, I woke up and told him to shut up, he did not obey! I told him the same thing again, more angry and with not such pretty words, and he kept on barking until I came over (angry and swearing ugly words!) and realized Jes-Tas was in a full blown seizure. Quickly I fetched the diazepam syringes and started working with them. It might very well be, that Miklos saved Jes-Tas' life last night! (and I am so embarrassed for shouting at him :-( )

May 15th - Zamy's kids' site updated

May 14th - two shows with nice success

"Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
2nd best bitch re-CAC
"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry

Tallinn, Estonian Winner 2005 Show:

EstJW-05, 2nd best male, J-CAC "Piki" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

Congratulations for Piki & Vuokko for the junior winner title!

April 27th - Updates
NIO Ynnizin's Neon Madonna
MISIEK Raptus ze Spiewogry
LILI Ambergini's Lady Starlight

April 24th - Int Dog Show in Lahti
2nd Best male, re-CACIB "Zamy" EuJW-03 Fin Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
3rd Best Male, CAC "Piki" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
vg3 "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry
vg2 "Misiek" Raptus ze Spiewogry
Many many congratulations for Piki for his first CAC in Finland!

April 10th - Zamy Finnish Champion! Jida BOB-puppy
One last puppy class show for little JIDA (Ruta ze Spiewogry) who is a dream to present and achieved once more an excellent critic and placed as BOB puppy (best puppy of breed). Jida has been shown in four shows, and she has gone BOB-puppy 3 times, and BOO-puppy once (brother wins)! Nicely done and hope for more such success in "adult" classes. :-)

I had very mixed emotions presenting Zamy (EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite) - stiches in the ear and mouth torn up. The judge sure spent a while examining it, and in the end both the ring secretaries joined in to give estimations how it will look later. We did not expect anything for Zamy, and so it was such a nice suprise that the judge gave him a CAC! With this one last CAC Zamy now became Finnish Champion! :-)

March 31st - Zamy's new smile
When a tibetan terrier challenges a PON to a fight, it can have horrible consequences. This time, Zamy ended up with approximately 30 bite holes in the head alone. His one ear was torn and the other had many holes through the ear, and there were also holes through the cheek, in the gums, on the nose etc, all around the head. Zamy's i1's (incisisor 1's) were ripped off with gums and all. Time will tell, whether one more incisisor and an eyetooth need to be pulled out aswell. It was not only bad luck but good luck aswell - his eyes were saved undamaged, although there are several bad bites around one eye which was swallen and bloodish.
Unfortunately the estimation for Zamy's dental condition in the future is very poor. Because lacking these teeth, other teeth will move into wrong position and place, and he will end up with badly mixed bite in less than a year. :-(  So we will show him a couple of times during this spring and then his show carrieer will be over. And of course we do not expect anything from the shows, only hope for the best, and we are preparing to receive a great variety of prizes. Below Zamy's new smile 3 days after the incident.
And what happened to the tibetan? Zamy's size, strength, and manners could have easily taken him down, but in stead, the tibetan terrier only had 2 bite marks. Apparently Zamy really did not want to hurt his friend. (who since then moved out)

March 28th
New pictures on the Search& rescue site (so far in Finnish only), check the links there.

March 27th - Show results
Tampere Int March 19, 2005
VG2 "ZAMY" EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
Lappeenranta March 27, 2005
BOB-puppy "JIDA" Ruta ze Spiewogry
2nd Best Male, re-CAC "PIKI" Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
3rd Best Male "ZAMY" EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite

March 23rd - Miklos & HugDogs appear in a magazine
The HugDogs work is presented in the newest issue of a magazine called Eläinten Ystävä (friend of animals). It is a 100-year old publication of the Finland's Animal protection society. Take a look at it here
- click! Thank you for the editor of such a nice article!

March 18th - New health examination results
"Lempi" Borgåkers Nóbl Nizinia
"Zamy" EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
"Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry
"Zeke" Int & Multi Ch Borgåkers Lord Londyn

March 17th - Another farewell
The mother of Borgåkers L-litter, Fin Ch Prosna Skierdy passed away only 10 days after her life-long companion "Pippuri" (Fin Ch Borgåkers Kryddpeppar). Our deepest condolences to family Lepistö who now lost their oldest dog. We have many loving memories of dear Prosna who would have turned 14 years old in April.

March 13th - Most successful PONs in 2004 awarded
The Finnish PON Club awarded the most successful PONs of the previous year, in an annual meeting. We can be very very satisfied with the results as we were not the most active in showing... so thank you everybody and congratulations!
Among the Best Obedience Trial PONs were:
2nd place "Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry BH
5th place "Jes-Tas" Kans & Fin & Lv & Est Mva BaltV-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda
Among the Best Show PONs were:
4th best male EuJV-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
5th best bitch Fin & Lt & Est Mva LtuV-03 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna
th best bitch Borgåkers Nitida Nizinska
th best bitch Borgåkers Nóbl Nizinia

March 13th - Piki's first show abroad
Little Piki (Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee) made his very first show debut abroad in an international dogshow in Latvia, where he obtained J-CAC. Many congratulations for Piki and his owner Vuokko who in this show finished her adult PON Sukan Laiska Late as Int Ch!

March 10th - Jida's first HugDog experience
Miklos enjoyed (unintentionally) about 40 beef sticks at once and well, you guess it, he got an upset tummy (and biiig thirst!!). We had scheduled a HugDogs visit to an elderly home, and we were in luck because his 8-months old little sister Jida (Ruta ze Spiewogry) was staying by us for a couple of days, so I took her there in stead of Miklos. Jida did the job in an excellent way - she was calm and patient and in every way fulfilled the expectations for a goog HugDog! She even got a big hug from a granny when we left. Way to go Jida!

March 8th - Farewell to Pippuri
Our warmest condolences go to family Lepistö who have lost a long-time family member as Fin Ch Borgåkers Kryddpeppar "Pippuri" passed away. Pippuri would have turned 13 years next summer.

March 6th - Puppy Show in Helsinki
Today there was a puppy show for all breeds in Helsinki. Misiek and Jida were entered, and bigbrother Miklos was also there to cheer for them at the ringside. Their habitus truly charmed dozens of people at the show today, not only the judge but also the audience, and they were filmed even by a TV camera. Almost all the time there was someone petting Miklos. Lots of good PR for our breed today! :-)
Three PON puppies were shown, and our MISIEK Raptus ze Spiewogry went BOB-puppy despite his several extra kilos, while his sister JIDA Ruta ze Spiewogry was very happy in the ring and went BOO-puppy. Below pictured all three ze Spiewogry PONs. New pictures of Jida and Misiek on their sites.

Feb 27th - Puppies are born!
Today, two litters were born after our male Zamy EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite.
Both bitches mated by him gave birth at the same time!

4 puppies
born in Jagoda's kennel (3 males, 1 bitch)
7 puppies
born in Marquee kennel (2 males, 5 bitches)
Our best wishes to the mothers and babies, who are all doing well!

Feb 13th, 2005 - NIO, International Champion!
In an international dog show in Tallinn, Estonia NIO Fin & Ltu Ch LtuW-03 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna went Best of Breed, and got CAC and CACIB. We are very happy to tell you that now we can apply her the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! And of course she became Estonian Champion, too.
Many thanks for Marika Toivonen, PON-boy Tarmo and smooth collie Lahja for the company on our journey to Tallinn. Marika's Lahja also went BOB with CAC and CACIB, congratulations!

Feb 3rd, 2005 - Farewell to "Pentti" Buziak Fervidus
In the morning Pentti was examined by a cardiologist. The problem was in valves inside the heart, they were leaking. The diagnosis was MD, Mitral valve dysplasia, and Pentti's prognosis was poor. In the evening Marika and I said goodbye to Pentti who slept away in my arms. I think we have cried a million tears today. As a memory of Pentti I present you here two pictures which best describe his extremely lively, friendly character, all the time he was doing something, or moving things from one place to another, too fast for the camera.

Jan 29th 2005 International Show in Turku
PONs were judged by Mr Peter Harsanyi. Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki" made his debut in junior class getting Exc1 (5th best male). He even made the judge laugh with his puppy-like playful behaviour, and the note "high temperament" in his critic apparently refers to his jumps up in the air, always before moving forwards.
EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite "Zamy" was, again, placed as Exc1, 2nd best male with reserv-CAC and reserv-CACIB. It was really nice to hear the judge say that he thinks Zamy is a "perfect mover".

Jan 26th 2005 - Buziak Fervidus arrives, bringing joy and worries
Short-tailed chocolate PON-puppy Buziak Fervidus arrived from Warsaw by airplane, in co-operation with Marika Toivonen (kennel Marquee). When the puppy was released from the crate he immediately charmed us with his open and friendly and playful temperament! But unfortunately he didn't bring with him only joy. The kinked tail was the smaller problem; the big problem was that the following day in veterinary check it appeared he has a strong bilateral heart murmur. To us it is obvious that he deserves to live, so we are even prepared for a heart surgery if he has a chance for a good life afterwards. This little puppy's fate has touched lots of people, you can follow his story on his own site, here: Buziak Fervidus.

Jan 23rd 2005 - Puppy Show in Lahti
Ze Spiewogry puppies entered a show for the first time. MISIEK (Raptus ze Spiewogry) stood like a statue in the ring, perfectly, and had no problems being examined by the judge. But he only agreed to move towards her sister waiting by the ringside! Sister JIDA (Ruta ze Spiewogry) was a dream to show, she performed like a "professional" and was awarded as BOB puppy, she was the only one of three puppies to get Honour Prize. Both got excellent critics. :-)
After the show we visited some friends and the puppies finally got to play together - out in the snow, they were two big snowballs after two hours! Meanwhile, the senior PONs met indoors:

Jan 8th 2005 - PUPPIES'  site updated
Zamy got the best Christmas present (and some extra) a young PON male can dream of: not only one but two girlfriends! Boy did he have a good time - I think everybody was satisfied when returning home for new year's eve. :-)
Zamy's one girlfriend was Ilona (Int & Fin & Est & N Ch Heidelind's Truth Is Out There) and puppies are expected to be born in the end of February at kennel Marquee.

Zamy's other girlfriend was Zaza (Ascha van het Goralenhof) and puppies are expected to be born in the end of February at kennel Jagodas.

Dec 31st 2004 - Wishing You all a healthy and happy New Year 2005!

Dec 19th 2004 - Miklos appears in Finland's biggest newspaper
Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest Finnish newspaper (it is read by 20 % of people in Finland). HS's editor and photographer joined us for a HugDog visit last wednesday. The story was published on sunday and you can see it here - it is of course in Finnish only but maybe you recognise a familiar character?

Dec 5th 2004 - The Award Ceremony of HugDogs
The Finnish Kennel Club awarded some dogs with significant achievements in the Winner Show, e.g. medal-winners from European Obedience Championships etc. Now, for the first time, also the first and most active HugDogs (PatDogs) and their owners were awarded. Miklos the PON received Kennel Club's medal no. 38 for his work as a HugDog. The medals were given in the ring of honour by the Finnish Kennel Club's President and the Chairman of Board. You can read more about Miklos'  work as a HugDog, here.

Dec 4th, 2004 - Int Winner 2004 Show in Helsinki, judged by Mrs Leni Nousiainen
Only 2 dogs from our team participated in this show (altogether 14 PONs entered). Zamy (EuJW-03 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite) received VG1 in open class, the judge said his tail carriage when moving dropped his quality to VG.
Nio (Fin & Ltu Ch LtuW-03 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna) had a really good time in the ring, she was really excited and waving her tail all the time. Among her other qualities this pleased the judge very much and she was placed 2nd Best Bitch with re-CACIB. As the winning bitch already is Int Ch, Nio will get full CACIB from this show. And sure enough Majka got to handle a real winner as well as she showed the attractive Aino (Marquee Hooper-Dooper) to Junior Winner. Be sure to check Aino on Kennel Marquee's website!

Dec 1st, 2004 - New website!
Welcome to the new website of Borgåkers' kennel! Hope You find lots of interesting things to read and look at here. I have done my best to assure that all the links lead to right places, and that everything else makes sense, too... However if You happen to find something that doesn't work or look right, please let me know by e-mail. And Thank You all of You who have done this checking for me already. :-)
What can be found here? The Breed presentation is probably interesting to all those new to our wonderful breed, and hopefully to those of You, too, who already own a PON. Here You can also find pictures and presentations of all of my own or co-owned PONs as well as their pedigrees, and for most of them also pictures of dogs in their pedigree. The PONs bred by Borgåkers are presented each litter on one site, where you can find a picture of each dog and their show and competition results as well as health examination results. On memorial site You can see my passed best friends.
I have tried to gather all the show and competition results under topic Results & Success. The Obedience Trial results are still missing but I hope to be able to complete them soon, too. The site Statistics shows some statistics of all Finnish PONs, regarding health and the length of tail at birth.
Hope You enjoy my website and leave a message in the Guestbook!


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