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December 23rd 2006 - Merry Christmas!

December 15th 2006 - Monsterous Restaurant Project
No dog photos this time! Tomppa designed and created a horror theme restaurant/night club for the monsterous Mr Lordi (from the Eurovision winning band Lordi) in Lapland, Rovaniemi. The grand opening gathered 3,500 people outside the restaurant to see Mr Lordi and his fireworks.  This was Majka's first visit to Lapland: also the first time I saw reindeer in the wild and the first time I stepped across the Polar Circle.
More photos here!

December 9th 2006 - Winner 2006 Show in Helsinki
Fine placements in tough competition for dad and his daughter!

3rd best male: Fin & S & N & Lv Ch EuJW-03 FinW-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini’s Baby Dynamite “Zamy”
3rd best bitch, re-CAC: Marquee Itsy-Pitsy "Maria"

"Jida" LvW-06 Fin & Est & Lv Ch Ruta ze Spiewogry
Exc4: Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi"

December 5th 2006 - Zamy's site updated
Don't miss the new, gorgeous photos!

November 19th 2006 - Zamy becomes International Champion

Int show in Jyväskylä
Re-Cacib -> full CACIB Fin & S & N & Lv Ch EuJW-03 FinW-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini’s Baby Dynamite “Zamy”
Zamy got his first CACIB in September one year ago. Actually he got 4 CACIBs in 3 countries within 6 months :-) - too soon as a time limit of 1 year is demanded between the first and the last CACIB! This show was his first chance to get the last one needed for the title of International Champion, so we very happy.
Also two of Zamy's sons were shown is this show, of which Jagoda's Delegat Zamy was 3rd best male and got CAC.

The Mop turned 9 months old on friday and so this was her debut in junior class. The judge thought she was "Still immature to compete in this class" ;-D (vg2). I wonder if she could compete in a class for lap dogs?

Happyness is a new-born puppy! This bitch puppy weighing 400 g was born in Eeva Viitaniemi's kennel Afthsban.
Fin & S & N & Lv Ch EuJW-03 FinW-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini’s Baby Dynamite “Zamy”
Dam Fin Ch Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska "Mimmi"

November 17th 2006 - Miklos starts physiotherapy

November 6th Miklos had another appointment at Timo Talvio's. Miklos' foot is not yet completely recovered. The long radialis nerve running from the paw to elbow is still damaged, causing some paralyses of the toes and ending up in erratic movement of the foot. Every now and then, the nails hit the ground when walking. Also the muscle which should lift and bend the paw is strongly withered away. Sometimes when Miklos gets up after laying down a while, he stumbles. The good news is that the nerve damage has improved a little :-) and we can expect a full recovery but it will take several months.
Today we begin the weekly physical therapy in Animal Hospital Aisti. We also have some excercises to do at home, 2-3 times daily.

November 7-14th 2006 - Journey to Poland and the World Dog Show
Tuesday morning we started the journey by a ferry to Tallinn (Estonia) where we hired a car. We drove in turns across Baltic countries, it took about 24 hours until we reached Poznan. 138 PONs were entered in this show.

Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi" got "very promising" in puppy class.
"Jida" LvW-06 Fin & Est & Lv Ch Ruta ze Spiewogry got Excellent in open class.

Zamy's daughter Marquee Inky-Dinky got Excellent in intermediate class and was 5th.

We had a very nice journey, lots of good laughs and funny situations. We saw lots of friends from abroad, it was good to meet you all! Pictures here!

November 4-5th 2006 - Moppi goes to sleep-over and more shows

Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi"
While Majka & Miklos spent the weekend in a classroom training advanced search,  Little-Moppi spent the weekend with our friends, the family Mikkonen and their PON Heddi. On saturday they showed Moppi in Espoo and on sunday in Helsinki where she was BOB Puppy. Many thanks for taking good care of Moppi! Look how good she looks together with her little handler Roxy.

October 30th 2006 - Zamy's kids site updated
New pictures and new results.

October 29th - Moppi in a Puppy Show

Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi": BOB Puppy

October 21st 2006 - Results from SAR dog trials
This autumn was supposed to be our competition season but all my plans were changed. 
Because Miklos hurt his foot I have had to cancel all my plans to enter working dog trials. This was very unfortunate as I already had trained and entered us into our first ever tracking trials!
When I thought all the hope was gone, Miklos made a turn for the better and we got permission to take part in trials. We were fortunate enough to be accepted into the trials even though we sent our entry in late.
It is very important to us to pass one SAR dog trial this year because otherwise we will loose the status or official emergency SAR dog.
Rubble B trial (ruins) in Kuusankoski October 14th was only a few days after the miraculous turn for the better in Miklos' limping. I put a bandage to cover up the wounds on the foot and Miklos moved very well on the ruins. Because he had not been able to train for a month, he was too full of energy! The trial included searching a house in 4 floors, and Miklos started barking "there is someone in here" already in the basemente when the victim was actually found in the top floor... I let him bark all the way through to the top floor, it was not easy for me to NOT accept his alarm... but when he finally also started pawing and digging a wall with his paws I accepted his alarm and yes, the victim was right behind that wall. We lost lots of time in the building because of overenthusiasm and so we did not have enough time left to examine the whole area of ruins. It was very difficult weather, practically no wind at all, the smoke from fires went directly up for 4 meters without moving to sides at all. 5 dogs entered the B trial and no-one was qualified. For us this trial's biggest mistake was my bad planning!
Rubble B trials (ruins) in Helsinki October 21st - now we got to train once and do one emergency search during the week before the trial. The ruins area was very wide and I learned my lesson the week before: hurry, hurry, hurry! No time to loose! Despite hurrying we only had 2 minutes of time left after we had examined the whole area. And that was when Miklos did his 4th alarm (found the 4th victim) and out of 6 dogs in this B-trial, we were the only ones qualified. :-)  Yippee! I was not happy with the quality of Miklos' alarms (barking) and now we will concentrate in improving it back to the level it was before the long break.

October 10th 2006 - Finally a turn for the better!
We have had a rough time with Miklos' foot! Before the last splint was changed, the foot was shaved bald. Then the splint was attached to skin and a bandage wrapped around it. We were told it might happen, that arthrosis builds up in the wrist and Miklos will never again walk normally. I don't know what happened, but when I removed the splint 4 days later, parts of skin was detached with it! Suddenly Miklos had very very sore open wounds on both sides of his foot!
Quickly the whole foot became badly infected, red and terribly sore - from toes to elbow! Miklos was still limping like 4.5 weeks ago - no change! Miklos was also having fever. I was simply desperate, but decided to contact another specialist, namely Timo Talvio. We got an appointment for the next morning. And here we found help: Mr Talvio examined Miklos very carefully and took very good care of him. Already in the evening Miklos was walking better than for 4.5 weeks! He was like a new dog - happy and glad and he had energy again! He was doing so well that...
Late in the evening we got a call for an emergency search. At first I left Miklos at home, but later in the night I came back to get him to work because he was needed in a special search situation. Miklos did his job nicely and I was very happy at how well he managed considering he had pratically not been allowed to move for a whole month!

Sept 30th & Oct 1st 2006 - Puppy Show and Breed Specialty
An all-breed puppy show was arranged on Saturday and the PON breed specialty on Sunday.

Puppy classes:
Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi": BOO Puppy in puppy show; BOB Puppy in breed specialty

Breed specialty:
Fin & S & N & Lv Mva EuJV-03 V-05 NV-05 LvV-06 Ambergini’s Baby Dynamite “Zamy”: Exc4

"Jida" LvV-06 Fin & Est & Lv Mva Ruta ze Spiewogry: Exc4

Zamy's daughter Marquee Inky-Dinky got Exc2 in intermediate class in tough competition.

Another daughter of Zamy, Marquee Itsy-Pitsy was placed BOB with CAC in a show in Hyvinkää on September 17th. Congratulations!

September 26th 2006 - Poor Miklos :-(
Miklos has limped his right front foot for 2 weeks now. Because simple resting doesn't seem to help enough, today a vet specialized in sceletal problems examined Miklos. His foot was x-rayed many times in different positions and we saw no broken bones - however if there is a broken small bone in the wrist it doesn't always show up in an x-ray. Miklos got a stiff bandage with a splint around his foot for 2 weeks and then we will see if there is some progress.
Of course Miklos is now on "sick leave" from his work as a search & rescue dog, which is very unfortunate.

September 10th 2006 - PON Obedience Championship & PON Agility Novice Championship competition
Altogether 16 PON entries, that is a nice number! Majka was unable to participate but Miklos was lucky because a friend of ours, who is an agility instructor, took him to the agility trial. And indeed, Satu and Miklos became PON-Agility Novice winners! Way to go!

Special congratulatons go to Zamy's daughter "Maria" (Marquee Itsy-Pitsy) and her handler-owner Nadja for winning the beginner's class in PON Obedience Championships as well as getting a special award for Best Co-operation!!

August 19th 2006 - PON Club Show
This year the Finnish PON Club Show had following entries: 9 puppies, 26 adults, 5 veterans and 6 tourists. It was a hectic and very hot day like the many sunny days this summer! We had a good time. :-)

BIS3, puppies:
Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi"
BIS8, adults: Fin & S & N & Lv Ch EuJW-03 W-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini’s Baby Dynamite “Zamy”
Also tourist boys Zeke and Miklos were along as well as Nio, Lili and Jida who all got Honour Prizes.

Moppi and Miklos in brace competition. Right: Moppi in puppy ring.

Best Stud Zamy and some of his progeny.
Zamy's son Marquee Itch-And-Rub "Pate" was awarded a special prize for Best Face!

August 7-11th 2006 - Training in Fire & Emergency College in Kuopio
Miklos and Majka were sent to Fire & Emergency College for special training for SAR dog handlers. It was a very rough week but also a great experience!

See pictures here!

August 5th 2006 - Puppy Dog Show in Helsinki
Moppi - Marquee Kicks Borgåkers: BOO-Puppy
This was little Moppi's first performance in the show rings and it was nice.Her brother Kaapo became BOB-puppy!

July 2006 - AgiRotu, agility breed-team race
Miklos took part in the PON team in this special agility trial for teams consisting of 4 dogs of the same breed.

Gorgeous pictures taken by Irene Vinha!

July 23rd 2006 - Jida wins another Best of Breed

In Mäntsälä all-breed show July 23rd:

BOB "Jida" LvW-06 Fin & Est & Lv Ch Ruta ze Spiewogry

re-CAC: Marquee Itsy-Pitsy "Maria" (Zamy's daughter)

July 16th 2006 - Another new champion: Jida!

Helsinki all-breed show July 16th:

BOB, CAC -> Fin Ch, Est Ch, Lv Ch
"Jida" LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry

Jida turned 2 years old July 10th so this was her first time in open class and first chance to become a champion - and she did it!

re-CAC: Marquee Itsy-Pitsy "Maria" (Zamy's daughter)

July 9th 2006 - Great show success for Zamy's kids in Sweden!

Fin & S & N & Lv Ch EuW-03 FinW-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini’s Baby Dynamite “Zamy” is on summer vacation from shows at the moment, but his kids are active:

PON Club Show in Sweden, July 2nd 2006:
BOB Puppy Dommiciss Odwazny Bosse
BOO Puppy Dommiciss Grzeczna Bianca

Piteå group show July 7th 2006:
BOO CAC Jagoda's Dzielny Zaz "Max"

Piteå International show July 9th 2006:
Jagoda's Dzielny Zaz "Max"

Congratulations to the owners and breeders!

July 2nd 2006 - New Champion: Lili!

Porvoo 2.7.2006: BOB, CAC, FIN CH
"Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight

Lili was entered in two shows in the beginning of summer and she got 2 CACs right away. So we decided to do one more show with her and indeed she got the 3rd CAC in this show, being also Best Of Breed, and got the title Finnish Champion! That was very easily done. :-)
Many congratulations to Lili's owners Tiina & Jari! Now we start planning puppies.

June 10th 2006 - European Winner Show
Only 23 PONs were entered in this show, arranged in Helsinki. Most of them came from abroad. Even we participated with just one dog:

Exc2: "Jida" LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry

Jida relaxing at home after a long day.

Results and some pictures from the EW show here. Congratulations to the winners!

May 27th 2006 - LOTS OF GREAT RESULTS!

May 27th Helsinki SAR (Search And Rescue) Dogs' Dextrity trial
Approved (grade: Excellent) "Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry BH PERA A-B PEHA
Another busy and tough day, first the Dextrity trial in the morning and cheering for fellow competitors in a rubble trial; and after that straight to emergency search for a lost person.
Miklos was fantastic in dextrity trial and this was also seen in final score: we got 49.5 pts when the maximum is 50 pts!

May 27th 2006 Tampere Dog Show
"Piki" EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
BOO, CAC, FIN CH "Mimmi" Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska

Great news reached us from Tampere! Warmest congratulations to Piki and Mimmi and their families for becoming Champions! Piki ended up with 9 CACs I think? :-) In the same show a daughter of our Zamy, namely "Emma" Jagoda's D'Ode Aan Luci was placed as 2nd best bitch so we congratulate her aswell.

May 25th 2006 Orimattila Dog Show

BOO, CAC: "Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight

Very tough but a nice day. Majka got to sleep 1 hour at night before the phone rang and Miklos was needed in an emergency search for a missing person. It was not before 7 in the morning we returned home, all tired, and went back to sleep - but again only for 1 hour because at 8 a.m. it was wake-up and travelling to Orimattila show. Fortunately Lili's mistress Tiina came along! Congratulations for Lili's CAC!

May 21st 2006 Helsinki Int Dog Show
CACIB, re-CAC, 2nd best bitch:
"Jida" LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry

May 20th 2006 Helsinki
SAR (Search And Rescue) Dogs' Obedience trial
Approved (grade: Satisfactory) "Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry BH PERA A-B PEHA

Miklos in the crawling 10 meters exercise.

May 20th 2006 Keitele dog show, in this show a son of our Zamy, namely Jagoda's Delegat Zamy "Onni" got BOO + CAC! Congratulations to Onni and his family and breeder aswell as his mom Zaza for the BOB victory!

May 14th 2006 - Hamina All-breed-show
It was a beautiful sunny day with very nice results in the ring.

BOB: "Zamy" Fin & N & S & Lv Ch EuJW-03 NW-05 FinW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
"NIO" Int & Fin & Ltu & Est Ch LtuW-03 NordicW-05 Ynnizin's Neon Madonna
2nd best bitch, CAC: "Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight

May 7th 2006 Little-Moppi and Miklos performed in a SAR dog show.

April 23rd, 2006 - Lahti International Dog Show
EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee: Exc1 re-CAC re-CACIB -> CACIB
LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry: Exc1

Congratulations to Vuokko & Piki for the CACIB!

April 15th, 2006 - MOPPI  moves in

Best PONs of the Year 2005 awarded by the Finnish PON Club

Best Working Dog: Oktet ze Spiewogry "Miklos"

Best Show PON, males:
3rd Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite "Zamy"
5th Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
7th Raptus ze Spiewogry "Misiek"

Best Show PON, bitches:
4th Ruta ze Spiewogry "Jida"
Ynnizin's Neon Madonna "Nio"
Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska "Mimmi"
Borgåkers Nóbl Nizinia "Lempi"

Veterans, bitches:
2nd Borgåkers Lady Legenda "Jes-Tas"

Obediecne & Agility Trials:
7th best obedience PON: Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
7th best agility PON: Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"


Tampere International Dog Show
Exc2 re-CAC Borgåkers olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Congratulations Piki & Vuokko!
Many fine class placements for Zamy's kids:
Exc2 Jagoda's Dzielny Zaz
Exc3 Marquee Itsy-Pitsy
Exc4 Jagoda's D'Oode Aan Luci

March 31st 2006 - updates:
"Lili" Ambergini's Lady Starlight (new pictures, health examinations)
"Zamy" Fin & N & S & Lv Ch EuJW-03 NW-05 FinW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite (new pictures of progeny)

March 24th 2006 - Farewell to Jes-Tas!
Unfortunately we had to say the last goodbyes to our dear old lady Jes-Tas (
Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda). She started showing signs of pain when lying down and at times also when resting. The pain was located in the area of liver. We did not want her to suffer in any way so we made the difficult decision to let her go. Below are last photos of Jes-Tas. As you can see it is very easy to smile even with a tennis ball in mouth.

March 21st 2006 - Back at home again
After some two weeks of travelling abroad we are back at home again. If you have sent e-mail and don't get a reply in the next couple of days, please re-send and use our new e-mail address:
borgakers<@> (please remove the <>!)

Click here to see our postcard from the vacation!

March 18th 2006 - International Show in
Riga, Latvia
Latvian Winners 2006: Zamy and Jida!
BOB, CAC, CACIB, Latvian Winner 2006:
"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry
BOO, CAC, CACIB, Lv Champion, Latvian Winner 2006: "Zamy" Fin & S & N Ch EuJW-03 NW-05 FinW-05 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite
Young girl Jida got her second CACIB abroad in the age of 19 months.
Zamy now has many enough CACIBs in many enough countries to become International champion, BUT there is NOT enough time between his 1st and last CACIB so he cannot get the title yet...

February 12th 2006 - International Show in Tallinn, Estonia

BOB, CAC, CACIB "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry
Young girl Jida got her first CACIB.
Also our companion during the journey, a Finnish Lapphound "Rino" Peikkovuoren Bastelli succeeded very well and went BOO with CAC and CACIB and became Est Ch - many congratulations to Rino's owner Annika! It was a pleasure to show this handsome male in the ring. :-)

January 21st 2006 - Turku International Show
We started our journey early in the morning, with Maiju and Roxy Mikkonen. 10-year-old Roxy was supposed to take part in the first Junior handler competition of her life. Unfortunately our plans were changed. In the middle of the journey the rear tyre of the car exploded! Really, we didn't just have regular flat tyre, it really exploded to pieces. Looking back at it now, how good luck had we as it was a rear and not a front tyre! It was well over -20 C cold, freezing wind blowind and we stood at the roadside "in the middle of nowhere". We had a spare tyre but not the equipment to open the bolts of the exploded tyre to get it off. Many helpful and friendly drivers passing by stopped to help us, lended the equipment (thank you Eira!) but no-one managed to loose the bolts. In the end we had to phone in a professional car-repair-man, but he neither managed to loosen the broken tyre. So he picked up our car and us and drove us to the nearest town. After half an hour of processing the bolts with different kind of equipment, they finally managed to change the tyre. Finally we could continue our journey towards Turku but unfortunately we missed the Junior Handling competition.

Luckily we arrived in time for the breed competition and we agreed that Roxy, who was disappointed after missing the junior handling competition, got to show Jes-Tas in the breed ring. This way, in the PON ring, we saw the beginning and the end of an era: Roxy went into the ring handling a dog for the first time of her life while Jes-Tas went into the ring for the last time of her life.

Best of Breed was family Mikkonen's "Heddi" Sjöhemmets Begåvade Hedvig - Congratulations!
In males "Piki" EstJV-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee was a star becoming 2nd best male with CAC and he will also get full CACIB from this show. Congratulations to Vuokko and Piki! In champion males
"Zamy" Fin & S & N Ch EuJW-03 NW-05 FinW-05 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite got Exc2.
The sire of our next litter S & N Ch Storälvens Callisto got Exc1 and re-CAC, congratulations to Calle and his folks!
In bitches "Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry was 4th Best Bitch and got re-CAC.
In veteran bitches it was Roxy &
"Jes-Tas" Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda turn to go into the ring. These 10-year-old girls (the dog a little older than the handler ;-)) performed very well (in the critic it says: "Excellent presentation!") and got Exc1 and in the end also got BOB Veteran win! This was Jes-Tas' fairwel to the showrings and what better way to finish her fine show carrieer! Maybe you can guess that it was a very emotional moment to me Majka and I can tell you I was not the only one crying (yes I noticed you few more with tears in the eyes!). Thank you for all of you for your compassion.

21.1.2006 - Miklos appears in an evening newspaper
...right on the next spread after the presentation of the President candidates, of course ;-)
You can see a picture of the newspaper article here.

January 14th 2006 - Lempi is pregnant!
Lempi had an ultra sound examination and she is pregnant! More information about the upcoming litter here.
Unfortunately our visit to the vet was not only about good news. Our 10.5-year-old old lady Jes-Tas
(Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch BaltW-97 Borgåkers Lady Legenda) is in the end of her life path. For some months now she has had difficulties with rear feet. Apparently the nervous system leading to hind feet is weakening and so she is no longer able to jump like young dogs; and when she suddenly gets up in the middle of sleeping, and for example runs into the kitchen in hopes of getting food, she often falls down a couple of times on the way - her mind moves faster than the body! Of course this is normal for aging and old dogs, but how do you tell the dog to slow down and stretch before running off like that??
The worst thing is the bad cough that has appeared quickly. Now Jes-Tas gets diuretics and we should see in a week whether it has the good effect or not. Her heart beat is very abnormal, arrythmic, so we do not expect her to get perfectly well anymore but we hope to get to keep her for some months still.


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