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Dec 22nd 2007 - Updates
Zamy's children site is updated with new results for Marquee I-litter and  Dommiciss-litter.
Borgåkers Ponparelli has her own page now!

Dec 9th 2007 - Finnish Winner 2007 Show
I was 1 day late with my entries so there were no dogs from me in this show. However, there was one Borgåkers dog present:

4th Best Male Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"

Nov 24th 2007 - Season's finale
Helsinki SAR dogs club arranged a season's finale happening. It was a lot of fun. There was a competition for all training groups, which tested different kinds of skills in obedience, dexterity, camping and rubble and building search; and knowledge in first-aid, trials rules etc. I (Majka) & Miklos stayed mainly in the cheering troups but still our training group called "Majka's monsters" (should I be flattered by their choice of name??) became the winners. I so very proud of you guys! :-D
In the end of the day I got an honorary mention from the parent club Helsinki Civil Protection Association and right after it another great honor, namely Rocky's statue which was a big surprise for me. Rocky's statue is an award which is given to a person with SAR dog who has regularly taken part in real emergency searches and competes on Finnish Champion & World Champion level. This award was last given out in August 2005 when I was a total novice and never even dreamed of getting it myself one day!

Nov 14th 2007 - Health examinations
"Moppi" Marquee Kicks Borgåkers: Eyes healthy, knees healthy (0/0), TgAa-negative, HD B/B, elbows 0/0. :-)
"Miklos" Oktet ze Spiewogry re-examination of thyroid: T4 and TSH values very good, no hypothyroidism! :-)

Nov 11th 2007 - Zoffi's premier in the show rings
Sweetheart Borgåkers Pong Pong a.k.a. "Zoffi" entered her first dog show in Sweden. In
Ljungbyhed Zoffi became Best Puppy in Breed and also BIS 5 Puppy! Many congratulations to little Zoffi and her owners!!

October 25-29th 2007 - Miklos visited Sweden
We travelled to Sweden to train and participate in some SAR dog trials with Miklos. It was a good party of 4 dogs and 4 people from Finland, so we had lots of fun.
The comeptition centre was Roserborg which is the biggest European specially-built rubble training area.
Saturday there was international IPOR Rubble Trial in which only 1 dog passed, barely. Miklos did nicely, he found quickly 3 victims but couldn't locate the last victim which was buried many meters deep under rubble. We also failed in obedience but did very nice dexterity.
Sunday we started with tracking, it was IPOR Tracking A Trial. Very nice experience, Miklos exceeded all expectations :-) and we got 189 pts out of 200 pts in tracking work. Obedience failed again, dexterity was very nice again. We really need to work the obedience...

Photos from Sweden here!

September 19th 2007 - Updates & News
Zamy's children's site updated with new photos.
The Mop's site updated.
Jida's puppies have their own site: litter P.

Borgåkers Ponparelli "Luna"

PON Training Camp September 13-14th was a success. Several old and new PON owners met for the weekend to train different kinds of sports with their dogs. We did some agility, obedience, show ring training, and tracking. And also some area search training with those of us who had already trained it previously. It was a very nice weekend and I hope to enjoy such a weekend soon again next year!

There is a new Finnish book published, it is called "Pelastuskoiran koulutus" which means "Training a Search-and-rescue Dog, written by Virpi Nieminen. The photos in the book are from Majka's collections, and despite the fact that the collection presents several breeds, most of the photos selected for the book present a PON. We recommend the book not only for the superb photos ;-) but also for the great contents!

September 30th 2007 - SSKY PON Breed Specialty 2007

3rd Best male Int & Fin & Est & Lv Mva Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc1 Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi"
Well done Piki and Moppi!  :-)

September 21-23 2007 - SILVER MEDAL in Finnish Championships!!
It was the last championship trial for us this year, and finally we got a medal; though this was the last place where we expected to get it!
It was the Finnish Championships for SAR Dog Teams. It is a big challenge as this competition starts on Friday evening and lasts around-the-clock until Sunday evening. A Team includes a team leader and 3 dogs + their handlers. The dogs need to be official SAR dogs.
Unfortunately we did not manage to get 3 official dogs for the Helsinki team, but we are tough and wanted to experience it anyway, so we took part with just the team leader and 2 dogs + handlers. Because our team was missing one dog, nobody thought we had any chances to succeed (we could not get full points in every trial because of the missing third dog). The dogs were Miklos and Papu-The-Spanish-Waterdog. We, the dog handlers, were for the first time in this kind of competition. Luckily our team leader had lots of experience.
Our "home" was a tent in the forest, we started the happening with putting up the tent on friday evening and ended it by packing the tent away on sunday evening.
Late in friday evening we started the actual competition by 5 hours of orienteering at night. It was dark and cold and rainy and the terrain was difficult (forest, thick forest, more forest, climbing upwards and downwards the rock in forest, with dogs with us). After 4.27 hours we arrivied at the last navigation point to do a first-aid task. Our team got fastest time and highest points for orienteering trial, thanks to our experienced team leader.
Early on saturday morning we did some disaster search on rubble and in buildings. There were not only victims but also some food put out for the dogs. Our dogs did not alert or eat any of the foods, they did their job well. :-)
After disaster search we returned to the camp, but stayed ready for the next task all the time. We almost managed to heat up the fire in the tent to get warm and dry, when we were ordered to obedience and dexterity trials. Miklos did very poor obedience but very good dexterity (second best of the whole trial). Then back to camp again, almost set up the fire again, and we were sent to do area search. It was a big area meant for 3 dogs but we only had 2 dogs. So we did not manage to search all the area in given time. However, we did find all the victims in the areas that we did search. In the end of saturday we got message that we were placed second in the trial! Also we were given permission to sleep some hours without being alarmed to do tasks.
Sunday-morning it was soon after 6 am that we got the message in the radiophones to get ready for next searching task in just 15 minutes! It was a tracking task. A person had walked in the forest 14-16 hours ago (previous afternoon) and the track was about 4 km long. Our job was to find out the way she had walked and find the person in the end of the track, also pick up items she had dropped on the way. It was a very difficult tracking exercise but luckily our team-mate Papu showed excellent skills and almost cleared the task. In the last hundred meters of the track there were lots of people picking up berries in the forest and it was impossible to find out where the track was. There were also 24 Siberian Huskies in training, pulling a motor vehicle along a forest road! We tried to do some area search to find the person but we ran out of time.
We thought we had lost our chances for a good placement in the competition but apparently we had done rather well in tracking. We were so very suprised as in the final ceremonies the team Helsinki (us!) were awarded with silver medals! Our final result was 1006 pts, and the winning team got only 26 pts more than us. Had we had a full team with 3 dogs.... who knows! Unbelievable!

September 16th 2007 - PON Club's championships and a new show champion
Finnish PON Club's annual obedience & agility trials were arranged this year so that even we managed to participate. :-)
In Obedience Novice class debuted a new pair, namely Marianne and
"Zamy"  Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch EuJW-03 W-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite. And it was fine debut as Marianne has trained Zamy very well! They were the winners with 98 pts (max. 100). I am so proud of you!
To finalize the great results, "The Little Mop"
Marquee Kicks Borgåkers got 97 pts and was placed second!

Moppi & Majka and Zamy & Marianne. Phtos: Nadja and Ulla-Maija Nikko.

Zamy's daughter Maria (Marquee Itsy-Pitsy) competed in the official classes in obedience and they were placed second, many congratulations!
Nadja & Maria also came second in Agility Novice Championships with a special judge's award for the most eager dog doing agility. Congratulations again!

Moppi was third in agility, we actually did very well until Moppi had to do the big one on the track and so we got 10 pts penalty for "making the agility track dirty". She is Princess and a princess will poo exactly when she needs to. ;-)

September 16th 2007
Zamy's daughter Onerva (Marquee Inky-Dinky) was shown in Hyvinkää and in this fourth show in a row she got CAC and was also BOO and became Finnish & Estonian Champion. Many, many congratulations to her breeder and owners!!

September 15th 2007 - SAR Dog Area Search Finnish Championships
Miklos competed this time in area search on championship level. I wanted to see how he behaves in obedience and dexterity if he has not had any food in the morning. Bad idea. He had too much energy and he was too wild, not focusing. He jumped up in the air, barked, misbehaved. What a show! The last exercise was "carrying the dog", and there was a fire-fighter doing it. Miklos thought the ride was so much fun that when the fire-fighter put him down on the ground, Miklos started jumping up-and-down at the man and barking: more! more! ... Everybody had lots of fun during our performance, the judge included. We got just enough points to pass both obedience and dexterity, though I am not sure we deserved it.
Area search was not at all terrain search but search in buildings. Unfortunately we failed, my tactic was poor and Miklos was too anxious.
This was the first dog trial I have been to, where doping tests were done (to dogs).

September 13th 2007 - Examinations, again
Almost a year since his first visit to this vet
Miklos Miklos returned to Apex for examinations. Dr Esa Eskelinen tried to once more find out why he still drags his right front foot while walking. Miklos also stumbles and falls when running and jumping, evey now and then. Dr Eskelinen thinks it is possible Miklos has a small broken pice of bone in koronoideus in the elbow. The elbows were x-rayed and looked good, but unfortunately this particular fault is not visible in an x-ray. He needs to be put to sleep and operated to see if there is the small fractured piece of bone loose or not, and to fix it. We did not have to pay for this examination, but the operation is very very costly. :-/

September 8.-9th 9.2007 - Tracking trial and training, training...
We entered our first ever tracking trial with
Miklos. In SAR dogs' tracking trial the track is 1500 m long and about 2.5 hours old. There are 5 objects on the track, dropped by the person who has walked the way and this person is waiting at the end of the track.
We only trained 3 times before the trial, with 300-700 m long tracks which were 1-2 hours old. This little training is very little but I wanted to know where we stand.
Finding the track was very difficult for us, mainly because my tactic was very poor ;-) but after some help we got it going. A couple of time Miklos lost the track but did find it again. I had intended to keep an eye on the objects myself but to be honest, I saw none of them, it was Miklos who found and showed them all to me.
In the end Miklos tracked 1400 meters and found all 5 objects and then took another track. :-/ I could not return to the correct track and we ran out of time so we quit. We had been really close to the person in the end of the track! Darn it.
Well, the judge gave us many important tips for tracking so it was a very educative day anyway. :-)

The following day there was a big exercise arranged for us as we were preparing for the Team Finnish Championships. At first we hiked several kilometers with rugsacks in our back, then we did many kinds of tasks from first-aid to searching for objects in a forest. In the end (so we thought) we tracked some kilometers back to the cars, and just as we thougth we get to go home, we were transferred to another forest to do some area search. Late in the evening we did some obedience training at the parking place. We started at 3 pm and finished at 11 pm, so it was a long training session!

September 1st 2007 - SAR Dog Rubble Finnish Championships
Finnish Champion Rubble Trial was arranged in Hämeenlinna today. Miklos has been in rest for the time being and it has helped - we could participate. I did not expect any kind of result from this trial, but when I realized that in the end we were just 2 pts away from the gold medal, it reeeally bugged me!
We got 33 pts in obedience (35 demanded for a qualified result), 35 pts in dexterity despite not doing the long jump (the same). Miklos was the only dog who passed the rubble search! There were 5 victims hidden in the area and 40 minutes time to search for them. Miklos found them all in 13.5 minutes and he got grade "Excellent" in alarmings! Our final result was very good in points (the best of the day) but because of getting 2 pts too little in obedience we did not get the winners title nor a medal. :-/ No medals at all were given in this trial because none of the other dogs passed the rubble search.

Photos from this trial and all other SAR dog trials as well as the World championships have been moved here: Photobucket

August 20th 2007 - Miklos examined again
Because of the re-appeared limping of the foot Miklos was examined again by Mr Timo Talvio. Whole right front foot was x-rayed and looked good. EMG examination also looked good. The limping is apparently due to soft tissue damage in the shoulder which should recover with short rest.
We also had Miklos' neck and spine x-rayed and a spinal tap done at the same time to find out possible other causes for the fact that his front foot still hits the ground with every step he takes, since October 2006. Lots of small abnormalities were found in the spine but nothing which could explain the dragging of the foot. Miklos continues physical therapy with a therapist specialized in back problems and working dogs. Miklos returns to water training.

August 18-19th 2007 - Great Show success

August 18th, the day of Finnish PON Club's biggest yearly show happening: The Club Show 2007.
We had none of our own dogs participating but one dog bred by us was shown: Int & Fin & Lv & Ltu Ch EsJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki", owned by Vuokko Koskinen, did a super job!!
Piki was Best Male 1, BOO and Best In Show 2! Congratulations to Vuokko and many thanks for Mirva Kanko for handling Piki - it looked like the dog was flying in the ring. ;-)

August 18th. In a show in Nokia debuted
Aftshban One And Only "Nelli". She is the daughter of Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska and Zamy and she was Best Puppy in Breed! Congratulations to Nelli for her fine debut in the show rings!
Zamy's older daughter Marquee Inky-Dinky "Onerva" was once again BOB and got her 2nd CAC in the show in Nokia.
August 19th in Tallinn Onerva continued her triumph and was BOO with CAC and CACIB. Great success for Onerva, many congratulations to her breeder and owners!!

August 17th 2007 - Miklos is limping again :-(
After last night's training session Miklos has been limping strongly his right front foot. Is it possible that the damage that happened (and left the nerve damage) in September 2006 has returned, only milder? Are all our plans and trials for the autumn cancelled again? I cannot begin to describe the disappointment. :-(

August 8th 2007 - Nio is in Heaven
Deepest condolences to Tiina's family.

August 6th 2007 - Fine Show results
Until now, Majka has not been able to attend any dog show this year, but it is nice to see others are active!
Great many congratulations to Piki and his owner Vuokko for obtaining the title of International Champion!
Congratulations to Zamy's children for taking best male and best bitch titles in Kuopio show! Congratulations to Zamy's daughter in Sweden: Bianca and her owner-breeder Dominica for fine results in the Swedish rings!

Lithuania, Vilnius 4.8.2007
EstJW-05 Fin & Lv Ch Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

Lithuania, Vilnius 5.8.2007
BOB, CACIB EstJW-05 Fin & Lv Ch Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

children are successful!
Kuopio 4.8.2007 judge Mr Miroslaw Redlicki
BOB, CAC Marquee Inky-Dinky "Onerva"
BOO Fin Ch JW-05 Jagoda's Delegat Zamy "Onni"

In Sweden Dommiciss Grzeczna Bianca:
Göteborg 6.1.2007: 3dr Best Bitch
Göteborg 7.1.2007: 1, Honour Prize
Tvååkers 25.3.2007: 4th best Bitch
Swedish Club Show 1.7.2007: 3rd Best Bitch!

July 21st 2007 - Little puppy "Muru" is gone
Dear little Borgåkers Ponctuelle was put to sleep in the age of 5 weeks. There was an accident and she had severe brain damage. The vet said it is possible (even probable) that she had some kind of idiopathic abnormality in the brain and/or scull (hydrocephalus or open scull at the top or similar) to begin with, this would explain this puppy's odd shape of the head. We will always remember our sweet and kind puppy bitch.

July 19th 2007 World Championship photos and other news
Miklos and Majka have now both seen specialists. Majka's hand was hurt in Austria and it has been in soft cast and bandage for 3 weeks now. A hand surgeon took a look at the hand and now there will be no more bandages but free use of the hand and time, time and time... It may take many months for the hand to heal.
Miklos went to see Ms Annakaisa Ventomäki to have his back fixed. In Austria a dog massaeur noticed he has one spine our of row in the middle of his back. In a week we will have another appointment and hope the back becomes good soon.

July 7th - News
We are back home from the World Champion competition; in one piece but quite well. Our final placement was 43rd, so no medals for us but lots of things to learn and lots of experience. Also suitable amount of adventure. ;-)

Zamy's son has had gorgeous success in shows recently:
Fin Ch JW-05 Jagoda's Delegat Zamy
9.6.2007 Nurmes Finland BOO
7.7.2007 Piteå Sweden BOB, CAC, S Ch, BIS 3!!
8.7.2007 Piteå Sweden BOO, CAC, CACIB

Miklos on boat trip at Helsinki coast.

Happy Midsummer!
Majka & Miklos take off to the World Championships in Austria at Midsummer. We are back home July 5th.

June 16th 2007 - Jida's puppies are born!
We have puppies! It was a very fast delicery: 6 puppies in two hours! 2 males and 4 bitches. Puppies weighed 305-410 g at birth. One puppy is available.

June 4-8th 2007 - At school in Kuopio Fire & Emergency College
We spent a week with Miklos studying and training hard at Kuopio Fire & Emergency College. This is the highest education available for SAR dog handlers in Finland. It was a very tiring and exhausting week but also a great experience.

May 26th 2007 - SAR dogs' Area Search Trial for Miklos
We spent a weekend at SAR-dog camp. Nearby an Area Search Trial was arranged and I entered there with Miklos. To be able to work in real emergencies, we have to pass this trial also this year.
Miklos moved quite well in the tight forest, maybe a little slowly but with the same pace from start to end. Our final grades were: Directability of the dog VG, Behaviour of handler Exc, Alarming VG (1st alarms Exc and 2nd alarm VG). Final grade Qualified, VG.
All in all, such a nice weekend. :-)

The Finnish Working Dog Association has decided to send a team to SAR dog World Championships. In this team will be 3 dogs which got a qualified result in the qualification trials: Miklos was placed second there so we will go to Austria in the end of June!

May 20th 2007 - Zamy in Mental test
"Zamy" aka Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch EuJW-03 W-05 NW-05 LvW-06 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite was mental-tested. He got a very good result and he was not much shocked or stressed over the event. He got +176 pts. His nerve structure was evaluated to be "+2 balanced" whereas the majority of tested PONs have gotten the value +1 (slightly restless).
Zamy's capability to function was moderate, sharpness, will to defense and will to fight were small. Temperament is +2 moderately vivid, Approachability +3 (friendly, approachable, open). He is also not afraid of gun shots. The values are given -3 ... +3.

Zamy examining the spooky sled.

19.5.2007 Helsinkin International Dog Show
Fin & LV Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee 2nd best male + reserv-CACIB which will become full CACIB. Congratulations!

May 7th 2007 - Miklos makes another visit to the vet
We went to Dr Timo Talvio to seek his opinion over the progress of Miklos' foot problem. Dr Talvio has last seen Miklos in Nov-Dec 2006 and he was very satisfied over the development. The withered muscle has reacted to the treatment well and is almost back to normal. It is a sign that the damaged nerve is returning towards normal. As the movement is still not correct (the nails/toes hit the ground with each step) it means the nerve damage is not yet fully recovered. Dr Talvio said not to loose hope yet, but to continue physical therapy and exercises.

Recently there has been some discussion over shaving/clipping PON's coat. Here you can see some of our hair styles: click!

May 5-6th 2007 - SAR-Dogs' World Championship Qualification trials

Two international IPOR trials were arranged in Hämeenlinna (Finland). These were also the qualification trials to World Championships which are held in Austria in the summer.
Hmm, someone is either crazy or greedy, but
Miklos was entered to both days:
on saturday IPOR Rubble B trial and on sunday IPOR Area Search B trial.It was very exciting time to wait for these trials. The judges were from the Netherlands.
Saturday: Rubble B brought us 36 pts in obedience and 38 pts in dexterity - not very precise work from us and Miklos had too much energy and speed in dexterity.
On the rubble (ruins) Miklos moved and worked well. We had a great start: 1st minute, 1st victim. 2.5 minutes, 2nd victim. Then searching some empty area before locating the 2 more victims. Miklos alerted not so well, he barked with pauses. Final result 239 pts and 2nd place in trial! And working dog title: RH-TB.
Sunday: Area Search B in this trial you could see our worst obedience performance ever... PON is a bright and clever dog and this was our third trial in a week so Miklos realized that in a trial he gets no reward and no punishment either - so practically everything went a little wrong, and he had such a good time (me not so good time)
;-D only 25 pts. Dexterity brought us 42 pts which was nice.
In the forest search Miklos worked mostly his own routes and was not so obedient. This was seen in points and critic. By the half of area Miklos had found and alerted 3 victims very well. The last victim was at the end of area, and by the time we got there Miklos was feeling very hot and tired. There was a ditch full of water and of course this water-loving-dog went in to the ditch, cooling himself in the water and drinking some. At the same time he walked around in the ditch waving his tail, as if he smelled the victim but had not yet located it. I commanded him three times out of the water and he returned there three times. Finally the time was up and later I heard that the victim actually was by the ditch, some 15 meters upstream... stupid me!
On sunday none of the participating B level dogs passed either obedience or search, so there were no qualified results from this trial on sunday.

May 6th 2007 Zamy's son becomes a champion

Zamy's son Jagoda's Delegat Zamy "Onni" became Best Of Breed (BOB) and Finnish Champion in a show in Leppävirta. Many congratulations to Onni's owners and reeder! Onni was also among 6 best dog in FCI Group 1!

April 29th 2007 - Miklos in an IPOR Rubble A Trial
Miklos passed an IPOR A Rubble Trial with a fine I-result. Now we had worked more on obedience which showed. :-) 45 pts. (max. 50). Little mistakes still left though.
In Dexterity there was too much hurrying and enthusiasm. In the last trial Miklos stumbled in the landing from long jump and his back was very sore for a week - next weekend we had big trials coming so I took the risk and we did not do long jump now at all. Still we got 41 pts from dexterity (max. 50) so we did nicely.
We were the last to go to the rubble (ruins) and I had not visited or seen this rubble ever before so it was very exciting. Miklos worked well and was easily controlled. He climbed on the ruins nicely and patiently.
Working on the first victim was rewarded with the maximum 60 pts! The second victim gave us 57 pts because Miklos was too friendly and I allowed him to go to the victim and say hello. General working points for us was 78 pts (max. 80), two points were lost because the handler did not know where the dog was exactly every second (he disappeared into the tunnels under ground twice).
Final result 281 pts., I-prize, 1st place, working dog title RH-TA. :-)
This result allows us to enter in World Championship Qualification trial and Finnish Championships!
See the gorgeous photos here!

In the evening we celebrated Miklos' win with a cream cake.

April 26th 2007 - A working dog is a happy dog...

...and sometimes very dirty!

April 24th 2007 - Zamy's International Champion
title is confirmed by FCI

April 15th & 17th  & 20th 2007 - Jida has been mated

Jida & Max are in love. More information on Puppies site.

April 15th 2007 - Something else...

A funny looking PON? No no, this handsome male is a Finnish Lapphund
Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch Peikkovuoren Bastelli "Rino", owner Annika Ekström.
There was a show in Sipoo with as many as 47 Finnish Lapphunds entered! Majka helped in showing Rino who ended up winning Best of Breed and Group 2! What a great day, many congratulations to Annika and Rino.

April 8th 2007 - What a wonderful day!!
Lappeenranta show: BOB, best of breed:
Fin & Lv Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Many congratulations for Piki and his owner Vuokko and many thanks to Mirva Kanko for handling Piki.

Miklos was entered into IPOR Area Search A Trial. I was very nervous about it already beforehand. Fortunately one of our fellow trainers appeared to cheer for us. The other competing dogs were all Schaefers except for one half-schaefer so Miklos stood out of the crowd with his funny furry appearance. :-)
The obedience trial was not so good for us. Too many commands needed. We got 37 pts (max. 50 pts) so we still passed it.
Dextrity (which is like very controlled agility) was better, actually nearly perfect :-) so that the judge said our long-distance exercise was "the best in Finland". We got 48 pts (max 50 pts).
The scent trial was in a forest. It is an area of 20,000 squaremetres (200 m long and 100 m wide), with 2 hidden victims and 15 minutes time to search. It was very windy and Miklos found the first victim rather quickly, but he was about 100 m away from me, barking, and the wind was blowing away from me, so I could not hear his bark. It took quite a while before my ears caught any barks...
The other victim was found quite easily and this time I heard Miklos bark well.
Miklos worked in the forest in SAR-dog style rather than obedience style and therefore we got very poor points for the work, but excellent oints for the alarms.
Altogether we got 250 pts. II-result, we were placed 3rd and the best of all, we got the first ever internationally recognized (by FCI and IRO) Working Title for a PON in Finland (maybe in the whole world?): RH-FLA. :-D

Gorgeous photos from the trial here!

In the beginning of April we participated in an emergency search one night.

31.3.2007 - Difficult desicion
We visited a rubble training area in Hämeenlinna. It is a very difficult and laborous terrain. Miklos moved on the rubble with half the pace I anticipated, he even stumbled. He worked well, alarmed the victims well and did not want to stop searching even after he had found all the victims. Still I had tears in my eyes during the whole exercise. After we were done I bursted into tears - such a difficult desicion but I have to make it: This is it, no more rubbles with Miklos.
It is not enough that the dog wants to work, he has to be able to do it, too.
Rubbles are the most dear to me out of all Search And Rescue sports, but right now my dog cannot cope with the physical demands because one of his legs does not function properly. So from now on we will concentrate in area search and tracking.

Moppi went to a fun match show with junior handler Roxy and they did very well!

March 28th 2007 -  Physical Therapy sessions continue
' right front foot has been damaged now for 6 months. When he trotts the two middle toes hit the ground with almost every step when he moves the foot from back to front. When the snow melt away the nails in those toes started to wear off again.
Miklos has shown signs of pain in his back. We started acupuncture and indeed, his croup is sore, no wonder, because he has moved in an abnormal manner for half a year now!
In the neurological animal hospital Aisti Miklos got to swim in an indoor swimming pool. While Miklos' three legs moved front and back parallel with the body, the right front foot was slashing on the right side next to the body, rather uncontrolled. What a sad surprise - we had thought he was already in much better condition! While he walks, the foot drops down naturally, but when swimming the water lifted it up and Miklos could not press it down under his body where it should be. :-( Seeing that was quite a shock. I'm beginning to lose my faith in complete recovery...
I wonder if Miklos has pain? Because it a question of nerve damage or partial paralysis of the foot, it probably does not cause pain. But why does he show hesitation to move after walking on hard ground (concrete) for 20 minutes?? Walking on soft ground (grass or nature) we does much better.

Miklos likes the balancing exercise. His physical trainer Anna turns and twists the panel and Miklos tries to stay in balance.

2007 - March News

The snow has melted almost everywhere, the spring is here! The dogs found one more time some clean white snow in a ditch on the countryside, and enjoyed and rolled in it.

Miklos appears on the cover of a new Finnish PON book:

February 27th 2007 - Happy Birthday children!
Zamy's (FIN & S & N & LV Ch EuJW-03 W-05 NW-05 LVV-06 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite) children celebrate their 2-years anniversary today. Happy birthday and many more to come Max, Onni, Matti, Emma, Oiva, Pate, Minttu, Maria, Onerva, Ushma and Zarek!

2007 - January News

Miklos continues physical therapy in neurological canine hospital and at home. A neurologist's comment on his progress (or the lack of it) is that three months is a short time to recover from a nerve damage so we shall continue the same way.
Miklos worked in a real emergency search in January. He did a splendid job searching a flooding river area for about an hour, up to his sides in ice-cold water, wet snow and crushed ice. The ice carried him for a few steps at times, and then he fell through. It was very tough and freezing cold terrain but Miklos did not give up, he did his job well. After the river area he searched a forest area nearby for another hour, with ice sticks and ice balls hanging from his coat and feet. I have to say I was very satisfied in him.
Miklos also did another job in January, after a long long break he visited an elderly home for dementics, in the role of a HugDog. It was very nice to notice that Miklos still loves this duty aswell, he was very impatient when we had to wait a while before going in. Here you can see Miklos in his new HugDog outfit:

Moppi (Marquee Kicks Borgåkers) was shown in a group show in Lahti on Jan 14th, the judge thought she was in every way too small and therefore only "Good". We think Moppi is just perfect the way she is, and Majka has for a long time wanted a small lapdog so now we have one. ;-D
Jan 27th Moppi got vg2 in an international show in Turku. Many thanks for the young Roxy Mikkonen for showing Moppi and for the family Mikkonen for taking Moppi with them to the Turku show.

New health examination results from January:
"Misiek" Raptus ze Spiewogry thyroid tests: T4/TSH healthy and TgAa-negative. HD repeated result C-D.
"Jida" Ch Ruta ze Spiewogry
thyroid tests: T4/TSH healthy and TgAa-negative.

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