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Dec 28th 2008 - Bella returned
Borgåkers Ponderful or "Bella" returned to us.

Majka got sick with bronchitis before Christmas and is still ill. Many things were left undone, and many Christmas cards unsent. Here are our greetings for the next year!

October 1st 2008 - Zoffi's news from Sweden
Zoffi or Borgåkers Pong Pong went BOO with CAC and CACIB! Many congratulations for the owners Merja and Helen! I am also very happy and proud to mention that Zoffi has started SAR-dog studies. :-)

November 1st 2008 - National SAR-dog Rubble B Trial
Miklos passed the trial nicely in Lappeenranta!

October 24th-27th 2008 - Training in Sweden
Our own SAR-dog training group travelled to Sweden to train in the Rosersberg rubbled city. It was a very nice and good journey! You can see video of Miklos and Heddi's journey and training sessions here: part 1part 2.

October 2nd 2008 - Agility Tehis-Cup
The Mop was entered in a Cup consisting of three separate unofficial agility competitions. She competed with our friend Satu.
In the first competition they were placed 4th. The Mop was not quite sure what was going on, and every now and then her sensitive paws bothered her.
In the second competition The Mop was pop! They were placed 3rd out of twenty competitors! Very fast and no mistakes.
The last and third competition was ok - placement 9th. Her toes were very tender again and she was a little unsure why there were so many people and other dogs around.
With these results Satu and The Mop were placed 3rd in the final ranking of Tehis-Cup! Congratulations!

Videota täällä: video1, video2.

September 28th 2008 - Piki enters in obedience trials
Vuokko Koskinen and her dog Piki ori Int & Fin & Lv & Lt Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee took part in an unofficial obedience trial and got a fabolous result of 179.5 pts and 1st place!! Congratulations!

September 26th-28th 2008 - Search-And-Rescue dog teams Finnish Championships
Orienteering at night, living in a tent, first-aid, searching missing people in terrain and in an area with fires and in rubble; searching for objects in forest, and tracking. Competition started on friday evening and lasted until sunday evening. It was an awesome and fun experience!
Final results: the hairy team from Helsinki got GOLD, Finnish Champions 2008!

September 13th 2008 - Testing tending sheep
A group of excited PON owners gathered early in the morning to test if their dogs still know what to do with the sheep. I have to say, that in our case, I did the job better than my dog. ;-D
The Mop was watching carefully and charmed, how I tended the sheep in a circle and in the shape of number 8. Meanwhile, The Mop herself enjoyed sheep droppings (poop!) and simply trotted along behind me, because she had to (she was on leash). In the end, the harsh hay on the ground was too much for her tender toes and she did not want to move anymore.
Many thanks to Ulla-Maija Nikko for arranging this nice experience!
Watch the video here.

photo: Pekka Mannermaa

September 7th 2008 - PON agility & obedience champioships
This year the obedience championships were arranged as an official obedience trial. Many congratulations for Vuokko & Piki and Marianne & Zamy, who both entered in an official obedience competition for the first time!

"Piki" Int & Fin & Lv & Ltu Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee and Vuokko Koskinen 108 pts and 3rd prize in Novice Class.

EuJW-03 NW-05 W-05 LvW-06 Int & FIN & N & S & LV Ch Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite and Marianne Grahn 145 pts and 2nd prize in Novice Class.

Zamy & Marianne came 4th in the Obedience championships with this fine result!! Piki & Vuokko were 5th! Congratulations!
Zamy's daughter "Maria" Marquee Itsy-Pitsy and handler Nadja Nikko scored awesome 173 pts (1st prize) in Novice class and were ranked as 2nd best in the championships! Congratulations Nadja!!

After the official classes it was time for the Beginners' class. Winner was our little PON girl The Mop with 99 pts (out of 100!). Oh-hoh! Photo below.

After obedience it was time for Beginners' Agility compatition. Moppi was placed 3rd, while Nadja & Maria were winners in the tough competition.

photos: Pekka Mannermaa, Maiju Mikkonen

I want to thank each and everyone for the superb nice day; and the biggest thanks go to the hard workers who had a long and busy day!

The Mop had a good day!

Three generations of nearly white dogs in one photo: The Polarbear Family.
Left Zamy, in the middle his daughter Maria, and on the right his grandson Takku. :-)

August 16th 2008 - Finnish PON Club Show
It was very rainy but a nice day!

Best Tourist of the show: Miklos!

To our great delight, five children of Zamy were shown. Most succesful were the children of  Zamy and Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska above pictured with daddy:
Afthsban Cute Snowball "Lumi" BIS6 Puppy!
Afthsban One And Only "Nelli" winner of intermediate class!

Moppi does not want to wet her sensitive toes ;-D

August 10th 2008 - Dog show in Helsinki
Borgåkers Ponparelli VG1
Fin & Est & Lv Ch LvW-06 Ruta z Spiewogry Best bitch, BOO

August 5th 2008 - Video links
Miklos and The Mop eating berries
Miklos training at Salo rubble area July 20th 2008
Miklos having a swim in a river (this happen always when he sees water)

August 1st-3rd 2008 - Kuopio International dog shows
This was our only longer trip to a show this summer. It was really nice to see so many PON owners with their dogs from around Finland!

Friday Aug 1 results in the rain and mud:

Borgåkers Pon Appetit Exc3 (photos above left)
Borgåkers Ponparelli Vg2
Fin & Est & Lv Ch LvW-06 Ruta z Spiewogry Exc3 (photo above right)

Saturday Aug 2 results:

Borgåkers Ponparelli Exc2 (photos above)
Fin & Est & Lv Ch LvW-06 Ruta z Spiewogry Exc4

We returned home on Sat evening and did not show any dogs on Sunday. But I would like to congratulate our Zamy's son Onni (Fin & S Ch JW-05 Jagoda's Delegat Zamy) who gets the CACIB from this show!
Thank you Roxy for being my travelling company and for the photos, showing Aamos and all your help.

July 19th 2008 - Videos

Miklos training tracking on grass:
video1, video2, video3 (includes some asphalt roads aswell)

The Mop tracking (secretly shot through window!)

Miklos training search at Lohja training area July 17th 2008:

July 8th 2008 - Miklos in blood tests
Miklos went to the vet to have blood tests done. It is now over 3 weeks from the poisoning and it was time to check if there was some permanent damage done to liver and/or kidneys because of the poisoning. Luckily the blood tests showed normal liver and kidney function so hopefully Miklos has recovered completely from the poisoning!

July 5th 2008 - Shows in Finland and Sweden
I took part in the show in Mikkeli (Finland) with "Luna" Borgåkers Ponparelli. She was in too slim condition and this time only got Good
BOB (best of breed) was our Zamy's son Fin & S Ch JW-05 Jagodas Delegat Zamy "Onni"!
and 2nd best male was
Int & Fin & Lv & Ltu Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"

Photo shows Piki and Onni in Mikkeli show.

In Sweden there were several shows within just 2 weeks.

World Winner Show July 4th 2008:
Borgåkers Pong Pong junior Exc4
Zamy's daughter Marquee Itsy-Pitsy open Exc

Swedish PON Club Show June 29th 2008:
Borgåkers Pong Pong jun 1/3

Many, many congratulations to you all!

June 27-30th 2008 - FRF Training Camp in Sweden

Miklos is the most travelling member of our family ;-D and this time we travelled to Sweden with FRFdog troops (Finn Rescue Force) to train 3 days in the rubbled city in Rosersberg. It was all 3 days filled with training since morning to evening, very effective and GOOD exercises! Miklos' motivation to work increases to more he does, so in the afternoon of the last training day, he was super good and anxious to work! It was a very touching moment to realize that I got to see little glimps of the well-moving dog I used to have before he hurt his foot... :-)
Lots of photos in Photobucket.
A couple of videos on YouTube: 1. Miklos locating a victim in rubble, 2. Miklos for a way down to the victim.

June 25th 2008 - First time training Marine Search

Miklos tried Marine Search for the first time. It means riding on a boat at sea and locating victims in islands and victims floating/swimming in water. The dog is smelling the wind and then indicates when there is human smell in the air. The dog must show from which direction the smell is coming from so the boat can be directed there.
In the photo on right above Miklos is showing he wants to go to the island because there is a victim there.

June 14th 2008 - Poison and on TV
Miklos got in touch with some kind of poisonous subject or plant while doing an emergency search at night. When we got home in the morning, I spent a good while washing him in shower because his paws and skin seemed to burn him. Nothing visible was seen but he was afraid of his own skin and feet!
After a long shower I got to lie down for 20 minutes and then we were off to a TV studio - we had promised to be guests in a live TV chat show so we went there no matter if I had slept just 1 hour in the evening before being alarmed to the search. Hmm, it was a different kind of a weekend. :-D

June 7th 2008 - SAR dog tracking trial

Miklos was co-operative and nice in the obedience trial and made me very happy. We have done so much work for the obedience during the past winter and spring! The tracking was not a success, we lost the track when it went into a wide and deep and wet ditch and made ang angle there. It was my tactical mistake to try and search the track only from the opposite side of the ditch and not at the bottom of it...

June 2nd-4th 2008 - FRF Testing Event
PhotoCopyright: NATO
Lots of exciting missions and excersices and very little of sleep
, this is how I can describe the FRF testing event in short! FRF stands for Finn Rescue Force which is an international rescue troop.
Miklos was okay with everything we faced, he was his calm self as usual. Though he did experience a very exciting moment when an Armenian man lifted him up in harness and then climbed two floors down with him hanging from ropes. Some photos can be seen on Photobucket.

May 24th 2008 - International show in Helsinki
3rd best male + re-CACIB Int & Fin & Lv & Ltu Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
Borgåkers Pon Appetit
4th best bitch Ruta ze Spiewogry

Congratulations for the fine placements and thank you Roxy for handling Jida and Aamos!

May 17-18th 2008 - Great weekend for PONs in Finland!
PONs made some exquisite results in rings around the country this weekend!

Our little Miss Mop took part in an unofficial Novice Obedience trial and was placed 1st!
Zamy (who is desperately in love with The Mop, once again) took part in the same competition and was placed 3rd! Well done Marianne and Zamy!

Also Zamy's children did well during the weekend:
Marquee Itsy-Pitsy "Maria" and owner Nadja Nikko passed BH! (Begleithundprüfung)
Jagoda's Delegat Zamy "Onni" got a CACIB!
Many congratulations to Maria and Onni and their owners and breeders!

May 11th 2008 - News and updates
Examination results:
Int & Fin & Lv & Ltu Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee
Results: Zamy's progeny
litter P

May 11th - Show in Mänttä, Finland
Congratulations for Vuokko and Piki for the Best of Breed win!
Int & Fin & Lv & Ltu Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

May 11th - Show in Larv, Sweden
Many congratulations to Merja, Helen and little Zoffi for the success!

2nd Best Bitch Borgåkers Pong Pong

May 11th 2008 - Show in Rauma, Finland
Congratulations to Zamy's daughter Maria for a CAC:
2nd Best Bitch, CAC Marquee Itsy-Pitsy

April 19th 2008 - Int Show in Jyväskylä, Finland

The P-puppies' first performance in junior class was well done! Aamos (left) and Luna (right) both came second in their class:
VG2 Borgåkers Pon Appetit
VG2 Borgåkers Ponparelli

Mommy-Jida was 3rd best bitch and got re-CACIB:
Exc2 BB-3 re-CACIB Fin & Est & Lv Ch LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry

March 29th 2008 - The most successful PONs in Finland awarded

No.1 Best Working PON in 2007: Miklos (Oktet ze Spiewogry BH PERA-A PERA-B PEHA RH-FLA RH-TA RH-TB)
No. 4 Best Show Male in 2007: Int & Fin & Lv & Lt Ch EstJW-05 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

Many congratulations to Zamy's children and their breeders and owners:
No. 3 Best Obedience trial PON in 2007: Marquee Itsy-Pitsy & Nadja Nikko
No. 5 Best Show Male in 2007: Fin & S Ch JW-05 Jagodas Delegat Zamy
No. 9 Best Show Bitch in 2007: Fin & Est Ch Marquee Inky-Dinky
Zamy's progeny site is updated with new photos and results!

March 29th 2008 - Frf training session
Miklos was training being lifted in a harness. He was not shocked, rather thinking about food all the time. More photos in Photobucket, here.

March 19-24th 2008 Rädda Påsken - Training in Sweden
Together with my friend Satu and her Nova Scotia retriever Jippo we travelled to Swedish search-and-rescue-dog Easter camp. It was lots of fun but very dirty! We trained many days in a factory and mining area. More photos in Photobucket: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

March 19th 2008 - Miklos & Moppi in a magazine article
They featured an article about SAR-dogs in Koirat (Dogs) Magazine: Take a look at it!

March 16th 2008 - Puppy playdate number 2
The P-litter met once more, this time the boys Aamos and Nalle came along as well as the girl Luna, with their families. Also Miklos was there as well as Zamy who is the grandfather of the puppies! Little Dutch girl Thirza was a special guest star for the weekend. Thank you for the nice day!
More photos here!

March 1-4th 2008 Visiting the Netherlands
We travelled to the Netherlands together with Maiju and Roxy Mikkonen. We spent a day in Amsterdam and then visited the Dutch nizinny kennel
Bratsiostra, where Maiju and Roxy got addition to their dog family, namely little and loud PON puppy Thirza. Many thanks to Ruud and Katisha for the nice time! It was a pleasure to meet you and your dogs.

February 16th 2008 - Puppy playdate
PON-girls from the P-litter met with mother-Jida and of course The Mop and Miklos; and all their families. Great many thanks for the nice day! Along was also family Mikkonen whose daughter Roxy was a great help taking care of the puppies when they were little.

January 27th 2008 - Turku Int Show
Little Borgåkers Ponparelli "Luna" was BOO-puppy. Congratulations!
Little Moppi was only Satisfactory because of her small size and too big eyes ;-)
Piki got another fine placement in best males:
4th best male Int & Fin & Est & Lv Ch Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"

January 23rd 2008 - News!
Zamy is recovering nicely from the injuries. :-) His side is looking better by the day and right now the only inconvenience seems to be that it is itchy! Hopefully the progress will continue as good as it is now!

January 20th 2008 there was a show for two FCI groups in Lahti, Finland.
Majka arrived from Rome, Italy, the night before and early in the morning it was difficult to get up ;-) but it was a nice day even though not all the results were that good for us.

In Puppy class Borgåkers Ponparelli "Luna" got Honour prize and was Best of Breed Puppy.

Also Misiek was shown but the judge thought he was just Good, and our little Miss Mop (in photo above) was not even good but Satisfactory because of her small size and generally modest appearance. Maybe someone should tell Moppi herself that she is modest, because she thinks she surely is the centre of the world and owns everything??

January 17th 2008 a PON litter was born in Finland in kennel Afthsban. The sire of the puppies is "Zamy"
EUJW-03 NW-05 W-05 LVW-06 INT & FIN & N & S & LV CH Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite and the dam is "Mimmi" Fin Ch Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska. We wish best of luck for the puppies and lots of patience for the breeder Eeva!

January 9th 2008 - Poor Zamy gets bitten badly
We often joke about little Miss Mop having her two bodyguards (Miklos and Zamy) when we are out walking and exercising our dogs. Last Thursday evening, it was no longer just a joke. Suddenly, without a warning, a male akita appeared from darkness and hit Zamy from the side. The akita bit into Zamy's side and did not let go. Zamy fell down, the akita kept biting and tearing the same place over and over again.
Little Mop tried to run away, and Miklos was fiercely wanting to defend his friend (I really had my hands full trying to keep him away!). The owner of the akita landed on his face next to the dogs. Finally we managed to get the akita to let go of Zamy.

There were two big bite marks in Zamy's side: one up on the back and the other lower down the chest. Antibiotics were started quickly but on Monday Zamy went into very bad condition. He was in terrible pain, he had almost 40 C fever and the whole right side was swollen and two bumps appear on the side, strangely not even close to the bite marks. It turned out that there is lot of damage inside the soft tissue under the skin. Lot of tissue is broken down and separated from the skin and it is leaking fluids under the skin.
The vet anesthetized Zamy and made cuts into the skin to release enormous amounts of fluids and discharge. They attached drains which leak out the fluid as it builds up. Zamy's antibiotics was tripled. Because the tissue damage was so severe we were given instructions to check the color of the skin every 2 hours.

In photo Zamy is home after surgery, the wounds leaked out so much fluids that the bandage was all wet in just 30 minutes.

Zamy got to stay at home for some hours only, and then the skin on the side started to turn out black, which is a sign of necrosis (meaning that the tissue is so damaged there is no blood flow and it starts to die). We took Zamy immediately to a university animal hospital where he stayed over night and the next day.
Tuesday afternoon Zamy was released home and he was still sad and in pain. Today, Wednesday he has clearly decided he will survive :-) and he is full of life again!
The side looks much better now and the necrosis is smaller. However, there is much damage under the skin and the next days and weeks will show which parts will heal complitely and which will go to necrosis. Friday Zamy will go back to the hospital for follow-up and evaluation of the situation. Keep your fingers and toes (and paws) crossed for complite and quick recovery for Zamy!

The only good thing we can find in this nightmare is that luckily the akita attacked Zamy and not little-Moppi who is so small that she could not have survived such attack...

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