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December 12-13th 2009 Two winner shows in Helsinki, three winner titles for Pomppu!

December 12th Finnish Winner Show judged by Mr Jeff Luscott:

Exc1 JW-09 CAC BestMale-2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc2 re-CACIB BestMale-4
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc4 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

December 13th Nordic Winner Show judged by Mr Denis Kuzelj:

Exc1 NordicJW-09 BestMale1 NordicW-09 BOO CAC
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Exc3 BestMale-4
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Vg1 Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

What a great day on Sunday for Raili Salokangas & Heimo Hokkanen, whose dogs took double win! Mother-dog VeeA was BOB and son Pomppu was BOO!
Little Pomppu is only 10 months old and yet he got 3 winner titles in one weekend!
Great congratulations to also Diana and Piki with their owners for gorgeous results in these shows!

December 5th 2009 National Rubble Trial B with Miklos
This was the 5th time and 5th year in a row that we passed SAR dog Rubble B-Trial with Miklos. :-)

November 29th 2009 Int Show in Turku
Judged by Mr Tomasz Borkowski:
Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc3 Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc3 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

November 21st 2009 Int Show in Jyväskylä
Judged by Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter:
Exc1 re-CAC BestMale-3 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc1 re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Vg3 Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Vg4 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

Well done little VeeA-puppies in their first show in junior class!!

November 7-8th 2009 Int Shows in Tarto (Estonia)
Good journey and good results. :-)

Both days (judged by Mrs Eva Mosimann and Mrs Anna Redlicka):
CAC CACIB BestMale-2
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

October 24th 2009 Int Show in Seinäjoki
Three VeeA puppies participated:

BOB Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

BOO Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
2nd best bitch puppy + Hp Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

October 19th 2009 New photos of Nalle
Borgåkers Ponderado
a.k.a. Nalle spent a couple of days with us. Nalle likes The Mop a lot.

September 27th Karkkila show
Second best bitch puppy + Honour prize Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

September 19th Tampere show
BOB Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Best bitch puppy Borgåkers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

September 12th 2009 Porvoo show
BestMale-2 CAC
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee

September 5th 2009 PON Club Obedience Trial 2009:
8 PONs in official classes, 2 PONs in unofficial classes

Mahtavat onnittelut mahtavalle parivaljakolle!!
Borgakers Nitida Nizinska x Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite daughter:
1. place PON-Obedience Champion 2009, 1st prize + class winner
Afthsban Cruella De Vil "Vale" & Sarianna Sarmastola

4th place 2nd prize + best PON in Novice class Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite "Zamy" handler Marianne Grahn
6th place 3rd prize
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki" handler Vuokko Koskinen

Beginners' Class 2nd place Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel handler Majka
kuvat: Roxy Mikkonen

September 5th 2009, PON Club's Agility championships, Beginners' competition: 5 participants

2nd place Marquee Kicks Borgåkers "Moppi"

September 6th 2009 Helsinki show
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

September 4th 2009 - Fine results again :-)

Borgåkers Ponderado
HD A and TgAa-neg :-)

August 29th Int Tervakoski
BOB Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
BOO Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
2nd best male puppy Borgakers VeeA's Marvelous Man "Mani"

August 23rd 2009 - Updates

New results & photos: VeeA litter
New results: Borgakers P litter

Show results:

August 9th 2009 Helsinki
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel: VG1

August 16th 2009 Porvoo
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel: BOO, CAC

August 22nd 2009 Nokia, Borgakers Nitida Nizinska x Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite daughter
Afthsban Cute Snowball "Lumi" BOB, CAC

August 15th 2009 - PON Club Show
63 PONs were entered and judges by Mrs Katarina Jasica de Smeds.
17 puppies were entered, among them four VeeA-puppies, and the results were exquisite:
BOB / BIS 1 Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
2nd best bitch / BIS 4 Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu".
not placed Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
not placed Borgakers VeeA's Marvelous Man "Mani"

In adult classes there were 13 males and 19 bitches. There was only one Borgakers dog entered, but with all the more success: "Piki" was only adult Finnish-bred male who got honour prize and got to compete for Best Male:

Males 4-7 years class winner, Hp, 3rd best Male
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"

Diesel was shown in intermediate class for males, and got 2nd place.
Little The Mop was shown by Roxy Mikkonen in adult bitches' class and was placed 5th. Roxy presented The Mop very nicely, although towards then end The Mop preferred being in Roxy's lap.

Miklos was shown in Tourist class by Maiju Mikkonen because Majka had hurt her leg and could not show any dogs today. Miklos only knows to either heel or sniff the ground, no show performance. So it is a challenge to make him stand still. ;-) He was placed 3rd in Tourist class.

Best Dam Class presented many bitches with their beautiful puppies, winner was lovely VeeA with her Borgakers-kids.

Brace Class winner was Diesel & Thirza shown by Roxy!

Special awards:
Best Hair:
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Longest Journey to the Show: Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu".

Photos below by Roxy Mikkonen, Maiju Mikkonen, Majka Borgström.

BIS1 Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

2nd best bitch puppy & BIS4 Puppy
Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Class Winner & 3rd best male and Special Award for Best Hair:

Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"

Gryka and her family visiting :-)

3rd in Tourist class: Miklos

The Mop!

Best Brace: Diesel and Thirza

July 18-19th 2009 - Puppy show & Breed Specialty

Saturday July 18th there was an all-breed puppy show where 4 Borgakers-puppies participated, with outstanding results:

1. Hp BOB Puppy Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
3. Hp
Borgakers VeeA's Marvelous Man "Mani"

1. Hp BOO Puppy
Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
2. Hp
Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Best In Show 4 Brace Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball & Starbraid.

BOB Breeder's Group and Best In Show 4 kennel Borgakers.

Sunday July 18th there was official Breeder Specialty.
Exc1 (BestMale-5, re-CAC)
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel.
Diesel was a happy and glad dog in the ring, waving his short tail all the time!

What a nice and successful weekend!

July 16th 2009 - Miklos in vet check
Miklos passed veterinary check and is now approved for international SAR work in Finnrescue troops. 

July 12th 2009 - Puppy show in Riihimäki
VeeA-puppies Mani, Pomppu and Diana participated. Pomppu a.k.a. Borgåkers VeeA's Bouncy Ball got Hp and was second best male puppy.

June 29th 2009 - Diesel :-)

June 27-28th 2009 - Journey to Sweden

Swedish PON breed club PON-Unionen had its 20-years anniversary and a big show in Boras. There were participants from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands. It was so nice to see and meet people and PONs from so many countries!! The biggest interest for me was Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel. In April 2009 I visited kennel Bratsiostra in Netherlands to see Diesel, with my friend Maiju. We liked Diesel very much and made the decision to import him to Finland from this big show in Sweden.

So I got myself a plain ticket to Gothenburg and that was pretty much all I had. Luckily I have good friends: they lended me a sleeping bad with a pad, a tent, and came to get me from the airport and gave me a lift to Boras.  And arranged the journey back home on monday. :-D
It was a fine journey and like a language course, I cannot remember the last time i spoke so much Swedish, and listened to so many different Swedish dialects. Diesel and I slept in a tent where we fit just nicely.
Diesel was entered in shows in Boras both days and he was the class winner both days!

Saturday was a normal show for all breeds. 20 PONs were entered under a very strict judge who only gave a couple CQ's (certificate quality). Maiju showed Diesel to
1st prize, Honour Prize
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel.

In the evening it was barbeque and celebration for the 20-year-old breed club.

Sunday was the day for the big event, the anniversary show. It was judged by the president of the Polish PON Club, Mr Andrzej Stepinski, and 54 PONs were entered. It was Majka's turn to show Diesel and also lovely Zoffi, Borgåkers Pong Pong. And it went smoothly, they both became class winners!

Diesel had slept extremely well his second night in the tent and was filled with energy!! He didn't have the time to stand still in the ring, he was so interested in everything around him, all the people and other dogs, all the smells. But I think, considering we had known each other for less than 2 days, it went very well. ;-D
Diesel became winner of intermediate class and in the end also 4th best male, while his bigbrother Furman became winner/BOB.

Zoffi, who had just turned 2 years old, charmed the judge aswell. She became the winner of the big open class for bitches and finished as 4th best bitch aswell.

1/1 CQ Best-Male-4 Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel
1/1 CQ Best-Bitch-4 Borgåkers Pong Pong

June 17th 2009 - Health examinations
Zamy is almost 7 years old now so it was time to re-check his thyroid values. We are very happy to tell you he is still healthy by T4 / TSH and TgAa-negative. :-)

May 23rd 2009 - Show results

May 17th
two Borgakers PONs were presented in Hamina show with fine results:
Exc1 BestMale BOO Int Ch Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc1 3rd best bitch re-CAC Borgåkers Ponderful "Maija"

May 17th left in photo BOB Sukan Q-tar and right BOO Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

May 21st in Jamsa Maija was only Good.

May 23rd in Helsinki int show we got fine results again:
Exc1 CACIB BestMale-2 Int Ch Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
VG2 Borgåkers Ponderful "Maija"

Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee

Borgåkers Ponderful
photos: Roxy Mikkonen

May 21st 2009 - Puppy meeting
Four out of VeeA's five puppies live in the same region in Finland, and travelling to the Jämsä show we intended to also visit our little Kerttu (Borgåkers VeeA's Adorable Lady). It was such a nice suprise to see all four of them and also mom-dog VeeA! New photos on their own site.

May 13th 2009 - Gryka arrived
Gryka z Gangu Dlugich moved to Finland from the Netherlands.

May 4th 2009 - VeeA's puppies have their own site now
All the puppies have found good homes :-)

May 2nd - 3rd 2009 - Another training camp
My SAR dog training group had a nice weekend camp training at two good rubble tracks in eastern Finland. Saturday we also did unofficial obedience & dexterity trials and ended up having a 9-hour-day in Imatra rubble area. Sunday we had a shorter day in Lappeenranta. Very nice weekend!

Miklos in Imatra rubble track.

May 2nd 2009 - Exquisite obedience trial result
Warmest congratulations to Sarianna Sarmastola and her just a bit over 1-year-old PON bitch "Vale" (Afthsban Cruella de Vil) who competed in obedience for the first time together. They got right away first prize and 191 pts (max. 200!). Vale is daughter of our Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite and Borgåkers Nítida Nizinska. We are so happy and proud of you!!

April 27-29th 2009 - FRF Winter Camp 1
Miklos & Majka participated in an FRF training camp where we trained tasks and skills for international rescue operations. It was called Winter Camp but it was beautiful spring weather! Very nice weekend with nice people. One task to train was how to handle a SAR dog:

Handling an injured SAR dog and putting on rappel harness and shoes.

April 25th 2009 - Very bad news
In Sweden I noticed that Miklos' night sight is not good. After returning home we headed for official  eye examination, and the result was as bad as it can be. Miklos has PRA and he is going blind. My sorrow and shock were undescribable. Still I have a hard time thinking about it without crying, not to mention talking about it.
I am sure Miklos will cope, because dogs adjust to loosing sight rather well. But he will have to stop working many years prematurely, and I will loose my partner without whom this work does not manke much sense.
this is the first PRA case reported in Finland in PONs, but we only have 23 PONs who have been examined after age of 6 years. Just to make the diagnosis sure, Miklos participated in a special panel of canine eye diseases which was arranged by the Finnish Kennel Club. There 3-4 more eye specialists examined his eyes and they all said it is PRA, so the case is closed. :-(

April 22nd 2009 - More eye examination results
"Jida" Ruta ze Spiewogry
: eyes healthy
"Zamy" Ambergini's Baby Dynamite
: cat.ant.sus. No effect to eye sight and no effect in breeding.

April 8-12th 2009 - Rädda Påsken 2009!

We travelled to Sweden to participate in the traditional Easter SAR dog camp in Nynäshamn. What a nice journey and so nice people again. Thank you all! Miklos had a great time. :-)

April 4th 2009 - Climbing

Miklos tested his new rappel harness during a climbing course outside.

March 28th 2009 - Best of the Year Awards
The Finnish PON Club ranked dogs for 2008:

Best Working Dog No 1. Oktet ze Spiewogry "Miklos" ow. Majka Borgström

Best Show Male No. 5 Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee ow. Vuokko Koskinen
Best Show Bitch No. 9 Ruta ze Spiewogry ow. Katja Myllymäki & M.Borgström

Best Obedience PON No. 5 Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite ow. Marianne Grahn
Best Obedience PON No. 6. Borgåkers Olen Pikku-Dee ow. Vuokko Koskinen
Best Obedience PON No. 7. Marquee Kicks Borgåkers ow. Majka Borgström

Zamy's children were placed fine aswell:
Best Show Male No. 6 Jagodas Delegat Zamy om. Sarianna & Antti Joukainen
Best Obedience PON No. 2 Marquee Itsy-Pitsy ohj. Nadja Nikko

Thank You all and congratulations!!

March 24th 2009 - Borgåkers Pong Pong is Swedish Winner 2009!

Int Show in Stockholm, Sweden, March 22nd 2009, judge Piotr Krol:
Swedish Winner -09, BOO, CAC, CACIB
Borgåkers Pong Pong "Zoffi" (right in photo below)

Huge congratulations to owners Helen & Merja!

We also want to congratulate
Zamy's children for the nice success earlier this year:

Int Show in Gothenburg, Sweden Jan 4th 2009:
2nd best bitch, re-CACIB Dommiciss Grzezna Bianca

Show in Lahti Jan 18th 2009:
4th best bitch Marquee Itsy-Pitsy

March 19th 2009 - Updates in puppies site ja new photos

VeeA's puppies have been checked by veterinarian and found healthy.

A male and a bitch still available!

March 4th -  Puppies-page updated
More information of our next litter available now.

Feb 15th -  New photos of Veea's puppies!

More information on Puppies site, and photos here.
Two puppies available!

Feb 14th 2009 - New International Champion
International show in Tallinn:
CAC + CACIB, 2nd best bitch -> INT CH

"Jida" Fin & Est & Lv Ch LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry
Thank you Roxy, Maiju and Melina for taking Jida with you to Estonia ja showing her! Now we can apply the title of International Champion to Jida!

Jan 30 2009 - More photos presenting VeeA's puppies
More information on Puppies site, and photos here.
Two puppies available!

Jan 30 2009 - VeeA has puppies
More information on Puppies site, and photos here.

Jan 24th, 2009 - Turku Int Show
Exc2, 3rd best bitch "Jida" Fin & Est & Lv Ch LvW-06 Ruta ze Spiewogry.
Thank you Roxy for your help in the ring!

Jan 16th 2009 - Updates
P litter
(health examination results)

Borgåkers Ponderful "BellaMaija" is in a new home now, we hope everything will go smoothly with her. Good luck!

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