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The group photo was unsuccessful this year so here is the best try:

Happy Christmas!

Dec 11-12th 2010 Two big winner shows and SAR Dog Show

Dec 11th 2010 Helsinki Winner 2010 Show
Best-bitch-2 CAC re-CACIB ->CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
Best-male-3 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
VG3 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

Dec 12th 2010 Finnish Winner 2010 Show
Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
VG3 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Great finish for a great show year for these young dogs!!




Our World Champion team and friends arranged SAR dog shows both days in the Ring of Honor. Thank You everybody who was there!

Dec 1st 2010 Results

BH (Begleithundprüfung) Nov 15th 2010
Diesel passed the BH Test judged by Mr Juha Kuronen. We got "Excellent" for down-stay and "Good" for all other exercises in the obedience part. The city test part went quite smoothly aswell, so the final result was BH Qualified. :-)

Int show in Jyväskylä Nov 13th 2010

CAC re-CACIB -> CACIB, 2nd Best Male Borgakers Veea´s Bouncy Ball
Exc1 re-CAC Borgakers Veea´s Adorable Lady

Int show in Lahti Oct 31st 2010
4th Best Male Borgakers Veea´s Bouncy Ball

Big congratulations!

Mental Tests in August 2010
Altogether 4 PONs took part in a Mental Test in Tuusula August 8th 2010. Judges were Bengt Söderholm and Tarja Matsuoi.

The judge considered Nalle to be an extremely nice family pet dog :-)

Borgakers Ponderado "Nalle"
Capability to function -1 small
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1 small without remaining will to attack
Will to defence action -1 not willing
Will to fight -1 small
Nerve structure +1 a little restless
Temperament +2 moderately vivid
Mental hardness -2 soft
Approachability +2a approachable, a little reserved
Reaction to gun shots - prone to react
Total +54 pts.

Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
Capability to function +1 moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +2 big without remaining will to attack
Will to defence action +3 moderate controlled
Will to fight +2 moderate
Nerve structure +1 a little restless
Temperament +1 very vivid
Mental hardness +1 a little soft
Approachability +3 friendly, approachable, open
Reaction to gun shots +++ confident
Total +143 pts.

The judge wished Diesel would have "cruise control" device :-D

October 4th 2010 Welcome Unique!

The long-awaited charmer is here - Unique has finally arrived! After a long and eventful journey he is here, and what a sweetheart he is! Good luck on your path together Unique, Suvi and Ari!

October 1st 2010 Miklos is sick

Miklos has been showing signs of pain and x-rays revealed a bad situation. He has a spinal disc problem in the neck. Now he faces several weeks of "sick leave" and we just wait and see if there will be a turn for better or for worse. I feel hopeless. :-(

September 24th 2010 The Mop goes to heart examinations again

The Mop is showing signs of heart problems again, so it was time to start over the examinations with her cardiologist. The diagnosis is not clear: it appears to be some kind of idiopathic bradycardia. The heart rate is very very slow when she is calm and resting. Now the medication is changed a little, two more substances are added to her diet and we continue monitoring the situation. The Mop even had a Holter device attached to her for a day to record her ecg for 24 hours. She had no problems with the device!

September 20th 2010 World Championships
and Finnish Cmhampionships :-D

Majka has been training the job of a Team Leader; first in the World Championships for SAR dog teams in Bergamo, Italy, August 19-22. Proud to say - we became the World Champions!! Team Finland was the winner in area search and got the highest total score of the whole competition, all sports included. :-D
Our team was also the only one to score full points in search. :-)
And I must say our team indeed was the best in the whole world - and I am not talking about points now - a million thanks to Harri, Nina and Virpi for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Team Leader practise continued two weeks later in the Finnish Championships for SAR dog teams as the captain of one the teams from Helsinki. This team got Bronze and the best Team Leader points. :-)

In both of these competitions the Team Leader is judged as gets points. The tasks for Team Leader include for example planning of the search tactics.

September 4th 2010 Nice show results

Tampere 4.9.2010
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Vg2 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

Tervakoski 28.8.2010
Vg2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Vg1 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

Tallinna Int 21.8.2010
CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Tallinna Int 22.8.2010
BOB CAC CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Congratulations for great results!

Congratulations also to Zamy's and Borgakers Nítida Nizinska's daughter Vale (Afthsban Cruella de Vil) ow. Sarianna Sarmastola, 14.8.2010 Raisio 2nd best bitch with re-CAC!

August 15th 2010 SSKY Breed Specialty

Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Vg Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
Exc Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

August 14 th 2010 Finnish PON Club 20 years, Anniversary Club Show & Party

The anniversary Club Show was judged by Mrs Barbara Larska from Poland. There was a record amount of entries: 64! Our success was great as our young bitch Kerttu was Best In Show and Miklos also became the winner in his own category.

Best Bitch, BEST IN SHOW 1:

Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Best Tourist & Public's Favorite:

Oktet ze Spiewogry "Miklos"

Exc4 Hp special prize for "Best Head": Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc3 Hp Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
Exc Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

VeeA was awarded as best mother, great many congratulations to owners Raili & Heme!
I want to thank everybody for the nice day and the great evening jubileum!

July 18th 2010 Fine show results

17.7.2010 Mäntsälä show
Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

18.7.2010 Ylivieska Int show
2nd best male, CAC, re-CACIB
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Many congratulations to Pomppu and Diana for the CACs once again!!

June 24th 2010 WorldWinner Show in Denmark

Great many congratulations to Raili & Heme who had a great day in this show! Young Pomppu became Junior World Winner 2010, and both his parents got the World Winner 2010 titles! That is one great family, warm congratulations to VeeA and Furman and his owners as well!

JWW-10 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

June 13th 2010 - Showresults

Tuuri 13.6.2010
VG1 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
G Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

Orivesi 12.6.2010
Exc1 CAC BB-4 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Congratulations for the CAC!

June 6th 2010 - Int Estonian Winner 2010 Show in Tallinn

It was Pomppu's day! He got both the junior and adults' winner titles as well as again Best in Group 4! Huge congratulations to Pomppu and his owners!

BIG4 BOB Estonian JuniorWinner and Estonian Winner 2010
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

June 6th 2010 - Jämsä dog show
BOB CAC Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
G Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Many congratulations for Kerttu and her family for Best of Breed and CAC!

June 5th 2010 Jämsä dog show
VG1 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
VG1 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

May 29-30th 2010 - Joensuu dog shows

Joensuu 29.5.2010
BOB CAC FI CH Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
BB-2 re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
BB-3 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

Int Joensuu 30.5.2010
BIG4 BOB CAC CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
BM-2 re-CACIB Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
BB-2 CAC re-CACIB -> CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
BB-4 re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

One great show weekend! First Group placement for young Pomppu, and first CACIB to Diana because the winning bitch (mother VeeA) was already international champion. Congratulations to everybody and thank you so much for the fun weekend!

Diesel is now Finnish and Estonian Champion.

Pomppu Group 4

Kerttu and Diana.

Thirza, Diesel and Kerttu

Photos: Roxy Mikkonen, Heimo Hokkanen

May 23rd 2010 - Show results

3.5.2010 Kolbäck Sweden
3rd Best Bitch
Borgakers Pong Pong "Zoffi"

22.3.2010 int Helsinki judge Brenda Banbury

3rd Best Male re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

23.5.2010 Int Hamina judge Juha Putkonen
2nd Best Male CAC re-CACIB -> CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Huge congratulations to Pomppu for getting his first CACIB!

May 16th 2010 - Lappeenranta dog show

Judge for PONs was Mr Miroslaw Redlicki from Poland. Altogether 6 Borgakers-PONs were entered to this show. It was so nice to see so many of you, thank you for coming! The results were very nice:

2nd best male re-CAC Exc1 Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
best male Exc1 Borgakers VeeA's Marvelous Man "Mani"
4th best male Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

2nd best bitch CAC Exc1 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
3rd best bitch re-CAC Borgakers Ponparelli "Luna"
Vg1 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
Vg2 Borgakers Ponderful "Maija"

Many congratulations to all of you, and also to VeeA who was BOO!

Pomppu, Kerttu, Luna & Diana formed the Borgakers breeder's group that was Best of Breed and Best in Show 4 breeder's group with quite extraordinary critic:

"Moderation - this is what characterises this group. All dogs are not exaggerated in any point. They are sound, well made and you believe that they are still able to perform work."

May 5th 2010 - Results

Borgakers Pong Pong "Zoffi¨
TgA-neg, T4/TSH healthy and eyes healthy!

April 24th 2010 Int show in Lahti
3rd Best Bitch re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid

photo: Ulla-Maija Nikko

Some new photos of VeeA's kids here.

April 17th 2010 - Results

3rd Best Bitch re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

photo: Ulla-Maija Nikko

April 12th 2010 - Results

3.4.2010 Int Show Stockholm, Sweden
BestMale-2, reserv-CACIB Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

20.3.2010 Int Show Tampere, Finland
Borgakers VeeA's BouncyBall
Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid

Our main reason for travelling to Sweden with Diesel was search-and-rescue dog camp "Rädda Påsken" in Nynäshamn, little south from Stockholm. Diesel showed great progress in his skills during the 4 intensive training days.
Here is a link to a video presenting Diesel's SAR training in Sweden.

Returning home we got some brilliant news: Diesel's Swedish girlfriend "Ice" is pregnant! The ultra sound examination revealed as many as 6-8 little Dice puppies on the way. :-D

March 21st 2010 - Finnish PON Club awarded the Best PONs of 2009

Best Show PONs ranking:
5th best male Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
8th best male Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
13th best male Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel "Diesel"
19th best bitch Borgakers Ponderful "Maija"

Best Obedience trial PONs ranking:
5th Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite "Zamy"
7th B
orgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"

Best Working PON for 5 years in a row now:
1. Oktet ze Spiewogry "Miklos"

Warmest congratulations and many thanks for being so active with your dogs!!

I would also like to congratulate the mother of our VeeA-litter, Lovelyckan's Lady Alatariel Oflorien ow. Raili Salokangas & Heimo Hokkanen; The Best Show PON Bitch 2009!

Great many congratulations also for
Afthsban Cruella de Vil "Vale", the daughter of our Zamy and Borgakers Nítida Nizinska ow. and handler Sarianna Sarmastola: Best Obedience Trial PON 2009 and 2nd Best Agility PON 2009!! Exquisite work!!

March 19th 2010 - Diesel got a girlfriend
A couple of weeks ago Diesel got a visitor from abroad: charming "Ice" from Sweden came to see him with a romance in her mind. Indeed they did like each other very much.

Diesel liked Ice very very much, in every way and from all directions. ;-)

Int & Nordic & Se & No & Fi Ch Ambergini's Ice Queen "Ice"
Only the best for Diesel: Ice is the PON of the Year 2008 and 2009 in Sweden.

March 15th 2010 - Results

Gryka z Gangu Dlugich - T4/TSH healthy, puppies planned

Borgåkers Pong Pong HD B

Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Puppy of the Year 2009 in the local dog club Keuruun Koirakerho.
2nd Best Show Dog of the Year 2009 in the local dog club Keuruun Koirakerho.
His mother VeeA took the victory in this category already 4th time in a row!


Feb 22nd 2010 Show results

CAC for Kerttu, many congratulations!

CAC, 2nd Best Bitch Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Feb 14th 2010 Show results

Tampere Fin 14.2.2010
Exc2 BM-3 re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
VG1 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid

Zamy's children:
Exc1 BB-4 Marquee Itsy-Pitsy
Vg4 Afthsban Cruella de Vil

Tallinna Int Estonia 13.2.2010

BOB CAC CACIB -> EE Ch Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel
BOO, j-CAC, jun-BOB Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Alavus Fin 30.1.2010

Kerttu & Pomppu. Photo: Heimo Hokkanen
Exc1 BM3 re-CAC Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
VG1 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Many congratulations to you all!

Jan 28th 2010 Blood test results for Diesel
Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel has been to blood tests with good results: he has antibodies against rabies so he can travel to Sweden, and his thyroid re-examination gave repeated good results: TgA-negative and T4/TSH healthy.

Jan 26th 2010 VeeA litter is 1 year old today! Happy Birthday  Pomppu, Kerttu, Diana, Mani and Piiku!

Pomppu in January 2010. photo: Heimo Hokkanen

Jan 24th 2010 Turku Int Dog Show
"Pomppu" was placed as 2nd best male and got CAC. It is his 3rd CAC already and he is not yet 1 year old! Big congratulations to Pomppu, Raili and Heme!

Exc1 BM-2 CAC Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
photo: Ulla-Maija Nikko

VG1 Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel
photo: Ulla-Maija Nikko

Jan 10th 2009 Zamy's daughter becomes Champion

In Kajaani International Dog Show Zamy's daughter "Maria" BH Marquee Itsy-Pitsy was 2nd best bitch and got CACIB the last CAC she needed for the title of Finnish Champion. Many congratulations to Maria and her family!

kuva: Ulla-Maija Nikko

Happy New Year 2010!

December 12-13th 2009 Two winner shows in Helsinki, three winner titles for Pomppu!

December 12th Finnish Winner Show judged by Mr Jeff Luscott:

Exc1 JW-09 CAC BestMale-2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc2 re-CACIB BestMale-4
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc4 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

December 13th Nordic Winner Show judged by Mr Denis Kuzelj:

Exc1 NordicJW-09 BestMale1 NordicW-09 BOO CAC
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Exc3 BestMale-4
Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Vg1 Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

What a great day on Sunday for Raili Salokangas & Heimo Hokkanen, whose dogs took double win! Mother-dog VeeA was BOB and son Pomppu was BOO!
Little Pomppu is only 10 months old and yet he got 3 winner titles in one weekend!
Great congratulations to also Diana and Piki with their owners for gorgeous results in these shows!

December 5th 2009 National Rubble Trial B with Miklos
This was the 5th time and 5th year in a row that we passed SAR dog Rubble B-Trial with Miklos. :-)

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