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Dec 10th 2011 - Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm

BOB Nordic Winner 2011 CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
and BOO Nordic Winner 2011 mother VeeA

Huge congratulations to owners Raili and Heme for great success in all Scandinavian Winner shows this year! VeeA got winner title from all these shows: she is Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Scandinavian Winner 2011.
Her son Pomppu got winner titles in Norway, Denmark and Scandinavian winner shows!

Dec 4th 2011 - Finnish Winner show 2011

re-CACIB re-CAC and 3rd best male Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"

4th best male Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Well done boys!!

Miklos doing PR for SAR dogs in the show.

November 26th 2011 - Norwegian Winner Show

BOO CACIB NOW-11 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

This time beaten by his own mother. ;-)
Warm congratulations to Raili and Heme for one more victorios adventure!

November 19-20th 2011 - Jyväskylä Int Shows

19.11.2011 judge Pirjo Aaltonen
BM2 re-CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc3 CQ Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

20.11.2011 judge Jean Lawless
BM2 re-CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Exc3 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"


November 5-6th 2011 - Pomppu and VeeA victorious in Denmark

5.11.2011 Int show
BOB CAC CACIB -> DK Ch Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

6.11.2011 Int show Danish Winner
BOB CACIB DKW-11 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

His mother VeeA took BOO both days - that's the way to go, congratulations!

October 29th 2011 - Seinäjoki Int Dog Show

judge Anne-Chatrine Unelsröd

Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

His mother VeeA took BOB, warm congratulations!

October 8-9th 2011 - Pomppu travelling across Baltia

8.10.2011 Valmiera Latvia judge Olga Goncharuk
BOB CAC -> LV Ch Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

9.10.2011 Lithuania
BOB BIG5 CAC -> LT Ch Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Many congratulations to the handsome Pomppu and his owners for the new champion titles as well as yet another fine group placement!

October 1st 2011 - Finnish PON Club's Obedience Championship competitions

Little "Nemi" Lovlipon The Next Generation, just 5.5 months old, competed with her handler Suvi Mäkinen in Beginner's class. They came 2nd! Great work Suvi!!

photos: Christian Fuhrer

September 18th 2011 - Official Breed Specialty
judge Mr Piotr Król

BOB Puppy
Lovlipon The Next Generation "Nemi"
Congratulations to little Nemi and Thank You Maiju for showing her!

Exc1 CQ re-CAC Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"

Exc4 CQ Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

photos by Ulla-Maija Nikko, Christian Fuhrer

September 17th 2011 - Nice show results from late summer

September 17th 2011 Hyvinkää judge Anna Redlicka
Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"
Congratulations to Junek for his second CAC!

August 20-21 2011 InternationalSwedish Winner 2011 Show in Norrköping, Sweden.
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Congatulations to Raili & Heme for VeeA's winner title!

August 14th 2011 Valkeakoski judge Uschi Eisner
CAC BOO -> FI Ch Borgakers Veea's Starbraid "Diana"
Congratulations to sweet Diana and her family!!

September 4th 2011 - Diesel takes A-Rubble trial
We passed obedience with grade Satisfactory and dexterity with grade Very good. We did not passed the rubble part, Diesel indicated only one victim of two.

August 7th 2011 - Kerttu finishes her champion title in Salo!
Judge Mr Andrzej Stepinski, group judge Mrs Anna Redlicka

Great success for our dogs: Kerttu Best of Breed and Group-4 and new champion, Junek best male getting his first CAC in junior class and Diesel 2nd best male. Congratulations and thanks to the great team!

CAC BOB Group-4 -> Fi, SE, LV Ch
Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

BOO CAC Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"

2nd best male Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

August 6th 2011 Dog show in Saarijärvi judge Lena Danker
Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid

July 31st 2011 - Int dog show in Pori
Judge was Mr Pedro Sanches Delerue.

Lovely summer day photo! :-)

Motherdog VeeA BOB, son Pomppu BOO

Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Exc1 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"


July 16-17th 2011 Double Int shows in Oulu
What a great show weekend for Raili, Heme, VeeA and Pomppu! Congratulations!!

July 17th 2011 Int dog show in Oulu judge Pedro Sanches Delerue
Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

July 16th 2011 Int dog show in Oulu judge Hassi Assenmacher
CACIB BOO Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Motherdog VeeA was BOB both days ;-)

July 2nd 2011 - Another Group placement for Pomppu :-)

July 2nd 2011 International dog show in Kokkola, judge Zorica Salijevic
CACIB BOB Group-4 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
Congratulations! Love the wind your hair!

June 9th 2011 - The Next Generation is here
Nemi is an 8-week-old PON puppy from Sweden, officially Lovlipon The Next Generation. Thank You Carola for this wonderful, adorable puppy! All the best for  Nemi in her new home with Suvi and Vesa!

Nemi on the way to Finland.

June 5th 2011 - Junek in a dog show in Lohja
Junek got Exc1.

June 4-5th 2011 - Pomppu in shows in Sweden and Norway
PON boy Pomppu was shown in international dog shows in Sweden and Norway. His success was awesome - he went Best of Breed both days and got 4 new champions titles this weekend: Swedish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Nordic Champion and International Champion! Pomppu was also short-listed in the group finals.

4.6.2011 Int Vänersborg Sweden judge Peter Harsanyi
BOB CAC CACIB -> SE CH, INT CH (C.I.B.) Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

5.6.2011 Int Drammen Norway judge Birgitte Sjhöth
BOB CAC CACIB -> NO CH, Nordic CH Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

Big congratulations to Pomppu, Raili & Heme!

May 28-29th 2011 - Diesel and Kerttu in Sweden
Katja and Maiju visited Sweden with their sons and the PONs Kerttu and Diesel. They got very nice success in the shows: both days Best of breed and Best of opposite sex!

28.5.2011 Österbybruk Sweden judge Kitty Sjöng
BOO CAC -> SE CH Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel
BOO CAC Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

29.5.2011 Int Vallentuna Ruotsi judge Jan Stääv
BOB CACIB -> INT CH (C.I.B.) Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel
BOO CAC CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Diesel is now also Swedish Champion and International Champion (C.I.B.)!

Congratulations to Kerttu: 2 x CAC and CACIB!

May 7th 2011 - Tampere International Dog Show
14 PONs were entered, Best of Breed was Pomppu. Congratulations Pomppu, Raili & Heme!

BOB + CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"

May 3rd 2011 - IPOR Suitability Test
Diesel was entered to his first Search-and-rescue dog test. It was the test for beginners: a suitability test.

Obedience and Dexterity test:
On-leash heeling: Very good
Off-leash heeling: Good
Walking on unpleasant surface: Excellent
Running free and recall: Excellent
Heeling across a group of people: Excellent
Mounting three obstacles: Good
Bridge: Excellent
Carrying the dog: Excellent
Lie down: Excellent
Score: 95 pts Very good (max. 100 pts)

Scent work test: 97 pts in rubble work (max. 100 pts).

Final score 192 pts and second place in the competitions with new title RH-TE.
Diesel worked very very happily in obedience and dexterity which was very nice. :-)


Arpil 9th 2011 Vaasa Int Dog Show
19 PONs were entered. Diesel had great success, he was 2nd best male with CACIB. Kerttu got Exc3 with CQ.

Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek"
Exc1 CQ BM4 re-CAC

March 31st 2011 Health examinations

Lots of health examinations added: VeeA-litter and Piki.

Mother of Borgakers N-litter, Sukan Milla Magia "Molly" has been to eye examination in the age of 10 years and she is healthy. :-)

Many thanks to everyone for being so active with health examinations!

March 26th 2011 PON Club Show 2011

Great day with great success again! 46 PONs were entered and judged by Mrs Kristina Purens.

Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu" was best bitch second year in row. :-) She was also BOO / BIS 2.

Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel was 4th best male and got a special award for Best Head.

Unique Borgakers z Armii Zbawienia "Junek" got Exc2 in junior class, good start!

Borgåkers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu" was also Excellent. Gosh, he has huge coat!

Miklos became the winner in Tourist class for 3rd time. :-)
He was very happy to get to go to the show with us and he was kissing the judge and very delighted to join the lunch break and snacks.

Tiny little The Mop was perhaps not so showy in the ring but she was voted as Audience's favorite dog. :-D

Kuvat Majka B, Heimo Hokkanen, Ulla-Maija Nikko

March 13th 2011 Int Latvian Winner Show
Nice spring trip to Riga!

BM2 re-CACIB CAC -> LV CH Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

BOO CACIB LVW-11 CAC Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

March 5th Juuka group show for FCI1
BOO Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"


Feb 19th 2011 - Tuusniemi dog show

Altogether 14 PONs were entered in Tuusniemi dog show, among them Kerttu and Pomppu who had just turned two years. Kerttu was too big for the judge's taste, but Pomppu had brilliant success: this was his first show in open class and right away he got the last CAC he needed to finish the Champion title! He was also Best of Breed - congratulations to Pomppu, Raili & Heme!

Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
G Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Jan 23rd 2011 - Turku Int dog show

Totally 26 PONs were entered to the Turku international dog show. Diesel and Kerttu started the new show year in a great way!

Bratsiostra Pon Murdock Diesel

CAC 3rd best bitch Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Photos: Ulla-Maija Nikko

Examination results

Ambergini's Baby-Dynamite "Zamy"
7.1.2011 eyes: ok

Ruta ze Spiewogry "Jida"
8.10.2010 thyroid examinations: T4/TSH healthy, TgA-neg, T3-neg, T4-neg
15.10.2010 eyes: PRA suspicious
12.1.2011 eyes
: PRA suspicious, erg study results later

Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
10.12.2010 eyes: ok
30.12.2010 HD: B/C, elbows: 0/0

Borgakers Olen Pikku-Dee "Piki"
1.9.2010 eyes: ok

We hope to have puppies in the spring

The group photo was unsuccessful this year so here is the best try:

Happy Christmas!

Dec 11-12th 2010 Two big winner shows and SAR Dog Show

Dec 11th 2010 Helsinki Winner 2010 Show
Best-bitch-2 CAC re-CACIB ->CACIB Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"
Best-male-3 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
VG3 Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"

Dec 12th 2010 Finnish Winner 2010 Show
Borgakers VeeA's Starbraid "Diana"
Exc2 Borgakers VeeA's Bouncy Ball "Pomppu"
VG3 Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Great finish for a great show year for these young dogs!!




Our World Champion team and friends arranged SAR dog shows both days in the Ring of Honor. Thank You everybody who was there!

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