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OKTET ze Spiewogry

male born 2002-06-07
sire Pl Ch Dragon z Gangu Dlugich
dam Pl Ch Harfa ze Spiewogry
breeder Anna Grabska, Puola
ow. Majka Borgström

Genious Dog

Miklos started training agility in a puppy class in spring 2003 with my friend Melina Bruno. He sure liked to do the obstacles but then again all the other people and dogs in the class we SOOO interesting, too! To my big surprise he did develop nicely in agility skills and nowadays has superb speed and excitement when doing the obstacles. Often even too much because it seems he doesn't have time to look at where and how the obstacles are situated, it is more important to him to just run and climb and jump over anything that is in front of him...

Summer 2003 we participated in AgiRotu Breed Teams' competitions, in Maxi Novices class. Melina & Miklos, and Majka & Jes-Tas.
Just some weeks before the happening, Miklos figured out it was much easier to run through the jumps in stead of jumping over them... we sure had a hectic time convincing him otherwise!
We noticed that he understands really a lot. Maybe so much that it is scary. We would just talk about some obstacles and plan how to do them, and he would go to those exact obstacles and do them the way we had just mentioned. No, I don't really expect you to believe but it is true!
So I have nowadays always told and shown Miklos the track before doing it, and why not as he is so fast anyway that I cannot run through the track side by side with him!

Summer 2004 we participated in AgiRotu Breed teams' competition again, this time with different pairs as Miklos & Majka and Jes-Tas & Melina. Miklos was the fastest dog in our team. Despite doing one obstacle twice. ;-)
In Club Agility Championships in September 2004 a special prize was given in the Beginners' class. It was a prize for the dog who is most excited to do the obstacles, in the memory of the judge's past agility PON. Naturally, this prize was given to Miklos.

Summer 2006 we entered the AgiRotu breed-team competition again, and in novice class again. We had not done agility for a long time, because Majka is not motivated enough in this sports, no matter how much Miklos loves it. In autumn 2006 annual PON Agility Championships was arranged and this time Miklos got a real agility instructor as a handler: Satu and Miklos were a fine team and became Novice Champions!

After damaging his front foot severely in autumn 2006, Miklos quit agility.

AgiRotu 2006 (photos: Irene Vinha)

Summer 2004

Summer 2003

Miklos' favorite is the "A"!  With the jumps he has some difficulties in timing but we don't take it too seriously...

Agirotu 2003, Breed-team competition. Melina and Miklos going fast.

Cooling off at AgiRotu 2004

Photos: Majka Borgström,
Taija Tuohilampi,
Marika Toivonen

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