Miklos' site

MIKLOS searching people in buildings

Fire Department's training house 
Miklos has located a smell coming from under the floor

Victim is brought up, Miklos still barking

Reward. It is actually dead dark inside the "FireHouse", the only light comes from the flashlights and in this case, the camera's flash. ;-)

"Training house"

Miklos in convinced he has caught the smell...

One more deep sneeze between the bars and then alarming

After alarming (barking) the victim is brough up and rewards Miklos.

Miklos has located the smell...

Yep - HELLOO!! Listen to me! There is a little boy inside the cupboard!!

The victim is hiding as shown with arrow - Miklos removes the obstacles on his way...

...and finds this kind of fellow and right away begins barking.

A victim hidden in the roof constructions is very very difficult. Here Miklos has caught the smell.

And boy is he glad as the victim comes down!! The more difficult challenge, the more he enjoyes it!