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OKTET ze Spiewogry

male born 2002-06-07
sire Pl Ch Dragon z Gangu Dlugich
dam Pl Ch Harfa ze Spiewogry
breeder Anna Grabska, Puola
ow. Majka Borgström

Genious Dog

Miklos has trained obedience since a little puppy. And we will have to train it forever. You cannot force a PON to do as you say, in stead you need good negotiation skills. And good nerves. For the dog and for you.

The most challenging thing in training Miklos has been the fact that he is VERY lively and vivid. His head is turning around all the time and his nose is always catching lovely smells from a hundred places at the same time. He has difficulties in focusing as he wants to go and see and smell a million things RIGHT NOW.

When he was less than a year old, we went to group trainings to only have him sit next to me and look at me 2-3 seconds at a time. This was the best he could do. I could not even make him heel me for 2 steps as he lost the contact already after the first step. This went on for 2 months. Considering this we have come a long way indeed!

In the hot July 2004 I entered us in some official obedience trials. Now I know better, to leave competing for colder months of the year. However we did pass the BH Test (Begleithund Prüfund) in August 2004. Miklos is the first male PON in Finland to have a qualified BH.

June 2005 we passed the obedience part of the national SAR dog trials, with final result "very good". Since then we passed in yearly.
In the beginning of 2006 we got new regulations for both the national and IPOR SAR dog trials. Now obedience tests include also fetching and crawling.

Heeling while running

Summer 2004

In Obedience Club Championships 2004 Miklos became Novice Class winner and we received a special award for Best Co-Operation between dog and handler.

Spring 2005
In SAR dog trials fetching an object is part of obedience test. The object has to be something of "everyday-use".

Miklos fetching a shoe. Fetching is very difficult for Miklos because he'd rather have his own fun with the object first...

Crawling 10 meters should be performed either as heeling pattern or the handler can crawl with the dog.

Miklos crawls pretty nicely at his best but tends to lift his front sometimes because he insists on keeping eye-contact!

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