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OKTET ze Spiewogry, BH

pictures of dogs in pedigree
male born 2002-06-07
sire Pl Ch Dragon z Gangu Dlugich
dam Pl Ch Harfa ze Spiewogry
breeder Anna Grabska, Puola
ow. Majka Borgström

Genious Dog
Besides specific sports, Miklos is always ready for other interests, too. When he was 14 months old he took part in shooting a TV show, Christmas calendar. In other words, I wanted to take him there to get him used to studio settings aswell. :-)
Later Miklos has participated in two other TV shoots presenting HugDogs.

Miklos the HugDog

In the age of a bit over 1 year Miklos joined Finnish Kennel Club's "Kaverikoirat" group. Kaverikoirat means DogPals, or PatDogs or HugDogs as we call it, too. At the moment there is just this one group of hugdogs in the Helsinki area. We visit elderly homes and centres, and hospitals. Mainly the departments for people with dementia.
Sometimes we visit these places twice a week, sometimes once a month. It is voluntary work and both the handler and the dog has to be on a good mood to do it.

A good hugdog can present any breed. He is healthy and with good nerves. He is friendly and open and does not act aggressively even in surprising situations. He is very interested in people. So interested that he may approach a passive person and work several minutes for a reaction from the person. You cannot force a dog to do that. Miklos is this at his best. During his worst puberty period, we skipped the visits for a couple of months as he seemed to have earplugs when it came to my commands... When he finally took the "plugs" off we continued with the visits again.

I was rather excited before Miklos' first hugdog visit. Miklos had no idea what it was all about - he was in such a rush out of the car and to SOMEWHERE where the action is... Action? What, no action here?
He seemed to expect at least agility or search training but in stead he had to quiet down and stay still while people would touch him. He had a hard time understanding it at first. But quickly he adapted to even this activity and he has behaved well in all circumstances - even when we entered a department with two cats who got scared of the dogs and started running around like mad.

The recommended time per a hospital visit is 30 minutes. Miklos does well in actively approaching people and saying hello and working for contact for 45 minutes. Sometimes even over an hour with short breaks while moving from one department to another. On command he carefully lifts his front feet on a patient's lap or a wheelchair or an armrest so that they can reach him better.

In December 2004 Miklos received a Finnish Kennel Club's Medal for his active work as a hugdog. The award ceremony was organized in the ring of honour in the Winner Show in Helsinki, where the President of the Kennel Club awarded hugdogs now for the first time. Miklos received Medal no. 38.

Miklos quit working as a HugDog in 2006 as he became full-time search-and-rescue dog.

Newspaper Articles about hugdogs featuring Miklos:
Helsingin Sanomat
Eläinten ystävät
TV Christmas Calender 2003

Miklos took part in a shooting of a TV Christmas Calender show in August 2003. His job was to sit by a hole in the ice, face to face with a man who was ice-fishing. The man was telling him about  Christmas traditions. The wintery scene was done in a studio of Finland's biggest commercial TV channel in the middle of hot august! At the time Miklos was justa bit over a year old and full of energy and very lively.

We visited the studio and the setting beforehand to get Miklos used to this strange situation. And to practise a very very difficult thing for him: staying still.

Miklos looking around the setting. You can see that the snowman is still lying on the ground. Miklos bahved well in the practise. But I had my doubts about the shooting because there would be lots of people and equipment around him. And Miklos feels he has to explore it all with his nose...

In the morning of the day of shooting his scene, Miklos relaxed in the studio by lying on his back on the floor, next to the breakfest bouffet table, which was a good place to get people to scratch him and maybe give him a snack, too.
When it was time to do his scene, he was a good boy and sat down in front of the hole in the ice. I went out of the setting, nervous - the fact that the director couldn't stand dogs did not ease my nerves at all! But Miklos did well. Even a camera on wheels, approaching him from behind and then passing by him, did not make him turn away from his co-actor talking to him. When his co-actor told him how long time is still is for Christmas (they were shooting Dec 5th episode), and long time it feels when you are really expecting it, Miklos improvised: he lied down, placed his head on his paws and gave out a loud sigh like saying: such a long time to wait! Like a real actor!

After three takes Miklos' job was done. Two of the takes were good and one unsuccessful (Miklos got up and put his head into the hole in the ice).
Beautiful setting by Tomppa Kekäläinen /Suomen Filmistudiot.

A Finnish PON book was published in 2007, and Miklos appears on the cover.

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