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OKTET ze Spiewogry

male born 2002-06-07
sire Pl Ch Dragon z Gangu Dlugich
dam Pl Ch Harfa ze Spiewogry
breeder Anna Grabska, Puola
ow. Majka Borgström

Genious Dog

Miklos started training search at ruins in April 2003. He has a really good nose and knows how to use it. So far all the "victims" (people hiding) have been found very easily. At first Miklos expressed his foundings with a roll but after about a year I changed him to bark at victims. It went very well and so far there are no problems.

Miklos has passed National Rubble A-Trial in 2005, and B-Trials in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. Miklos has passed IPOR Rubble A-Trial in April 2007 and IPOR Rubble B-Trial (World Championship Qualification trial) in May 2007. In 2007 Miklos competed in World Championship Rubble competition in Eisenstadt, Austria.

Miklos is a qualified rubble search dog in Finland's international SAR troops.

photos by Outi Toni

photos by Outi Toni

Alerting a found victim, tail waving!

Year 2004


The lid is off and Miklos peeks in...

Year 2005

... Opening the hide and letting the victim out. In the tunnel deep underground, in addition to the victim, there had even been a dead ratt and a frozen frog... No wonder the victim was so glad that Miklos was so quick! ;-)
Miklos does Dextrity! here.

Searching in buildings, here.

June 11th 2005
we participated in our first official SAR (Search And Rescue) dog test. It was a national Ruins trial for SAR Dogs, level A. This trial has three parts: Obedience, Dextrity, Ruins. You have to first pass both obedience and SAR-Agility to be able to go to the test at ruins. The obedience was the one I was most nervous about. But Miklos passed the Obedience with result "very good"! :-) We were the only ones who got "Excellent" in heeling! We also passed the Dextrity with result "very good"! (4 excellents out of seven!) In the ruins Miklos worked very well. He found the "victims" well and barked well. The problem was that he did not want to leave the victim even for the short time it took for the victim to come out from the hiding place. ;-) Way to go Miklos! He sure earned his 3 liqorice bars (one per each passed part of the test, as I promised!).

September 3rd 2005
We participated in the national Ruins Trial for SAR Dogs, level B. The area to search consisted ruins with a "forbidden" area which is prone to "explode" if entered (this tests the control and obedience of the dog while he is working); as well as a 4-floored building outside the ruins area. There are 3-5 victims in the trial and the dog must find them all in 20 minutes. Miklos found 1 victim and alarmed him by barking very well. After a little negotiation he agreed to leave the victim. ;-) TWICE Miklos approached the "forbidden" area clearly smelling a victim in there, and both times he obeyed me and didn't go there! (at some point of the trial the officers say that the danger of explosion is over and the area can be searched aswell) So very quickly he had located two victims. And actually there were no more victims in the area. BUT Majka, in her great wisdom, thought otherwise! There was one big rocky set of ruins, with all the distraction in there: two smoking fires, a jainsaw, and "working rescue personnel". So, In Majka's mind, as all the distraction is there, there must also be a victim! After all this is the difficult B trial! WRONG. They sure fooled us! For several minutes, again and again Majka sent Miklos to this area. After pressurising him for several minutes indeed, Miklos finally barked, but not to alarm a victim, only just because I clearly wanted him to bark... And the test was over for us. Talk about trusting your dog... After the trial was over, I took Miklos to the building just for the exercise - and quickly he found and alarmed both 2 victims! So all in all, Miklos found all the victims and Majka found one "extra" and therefore the trial was disqualified...
STUPID, STUPID MAJKA! Not much of comfort that nobody else passed the B test either...

October 2005, we passed the B-trial. This time I didn't interrupt and act wiser than the dog and so we got the qualified result that Miklos would have earned already in previous trial!


Miklos has passed National Rubble A-Trial in 2005, and B-Trials in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009.

Miklos has passed IPOR Rubble A-Trial in April 2007 and IPOR Rubble B-Trial (World Championship Qualification trial) in May 2007.


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