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Puppies born April 6th 2012! We got 2 males and 2 bitches!
One male puppy has a long tail, one male and both bitch puppies have short tails (about 1/3-1/4).

Due to cancellation we have one puppy available. A bitch puppy is looking for a home interested in the breed and possibly showing.

More information:

Puppies a couple of hours old: bitch, male, male, bitch

Dam: LVW-11 FI & LV & SE CH Borgakers VeeA's Adorable Lady "Kerttu"

Health examinations:
Eyes healthy, HD A, elbows 0/0,
T4/TSH healthy (3/2011), TgA-neg.

Show results:
Latvian winner 2011, Finnish, Latvian, Swedish Champion
4 x CACIB, 8 x CAC, 4 x re-CAC,
7 x BOB or BOO, BIG4.
Club Show 2011: BOO, Best Bitch / BIS2
Club Show 2010: Best In Show 1 / BOB

We have done a dual sire mating. This means that a bitch is mated with 2 different males and you can get puppies from both sires in one litter. This is a valuable way of increasing the genetic variance in just one litter. All parents and puppies are dna tested to find out the correct sire to each puppy and the breeder can register two different combinations in just one litter.
Update in May 2012: The correct parentage has been confirmed by dna testing. All the puppies are sired by Ch Dumboss Astar.

Sire 1: FI CH Flinkbein Energiczny "Zeppe"
Eyes: healthy
Thyroid: T4/TSH healthy, TgA-neg

See the pedigree of this combination here
Inbreeding%: 0.00 %

Photos of Zeppe below:

Sire 2: FI CH Dumboss Astar "Petu"
Eyes: healthy
Thyroid: T4/TSH healthy, TgA-neg

See the pedigree of this combination here
Inbreeding%: 1.59 %

Photos of Petu below:

This combination fulfils all breeding recommendations set by the Breeding comittee of the Finnish PON Club and is accepted by it.

The Finnish PON Club has set some health examination recommendations for all PONs.

1. HD (hip dysplasia). Results A-C are accepted in breeding.

2. Eyes. Dogs who show no symptoms of hereditary illnesses are accepted in breeding. All dogs are recommended to be re-examined after the age of 6 years. For dogs over 6 years of age the eye examination result is only valid for 1 year.

3. Thyroid gland examinations (for hypothyroidism), blood test.
T4/TSH examination: This test gives information about the thyroid function at the moment the test is done. It is recommended to examine all dogs in the age of 2 years and 5-6 years.
TgAa examination: This test detects Thyreoglobulin auto-antibodies, and it is recommended to be done in the age of about 2 years. The results can be as follows:
- Negative (no antibodies detected),
- Grey zone a.k.a. Borderline (re-examination in 6 months), or
- Positive (antibodies detected).
The Positive results usually indicates the onset of hypothyroidism in the future. However there can be exceptions. A TgAa Positive dog is recommended to be tested for T4/TSH values every 12-18 months to detect the possible onset of hypothyroidism.
A dog who is T4/TSH healthy and TgAa Negative is accepted to breeding. A dog who is TgAa Positive but repeatedly T4/TSH healthy is accepted in breeding when the partner is T4/TSH healthy and TgAa Negtive.

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